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In writing this document on Houdini I know that there will be serious 
objections, I welcome them so bring it on. This is what I believe that I know 
is true based on 50 years of study of the subject of Houdini 's death. 

This story is not just about Houdini and Spiritualism; it is about Houdini 
and religion in general. There is Spiritualism practiced in a lot of main 
stream religions and the off shoots. 

I remember talking to some young boys about their religions "Baptism of 
the Dead." They claimed that they performed such a rite. I asked them how 
they knew the dead person wanted to be Baptized, "did you speak to them?" 
They said they know because they got a "good feeling." 1 went to their 
church and talked to their leader about Baptism of the Dead. "I said isn't 
that Spiritualism?" and he said, "This conversation is over." These young 
men who came to teach me religion were upset when I read something to 
them. They asked where I got that material. I replied, "This is what your 
own church scholars are saying." Their answer was, "we don't read that and 
you shouldn't either." Many churches use and abuse their flocks by keeping 
them in "Plato's Cave" and not giving them light but rather a lot of promises 
to be collected after death, where Eastern religions can give you "Bliss" 

Along the way of doing my research 1 have run up against many obstacles. 
In 1973 I received word from New York and as it was put to me that if I did 
not like the Houdini story the way it was I could be buried out there with 
Houdini under his monument. That made my research much more intense. 
If you follow this subject watch over time how new books come out with 
small bits that help complete the picture. This document is based on many 
different papers I have written on the subject. The problem with a lot of 
history books is many won't speculate even if they are the ones who did the 
research. I have done this for years over the objections of some and only by 
being a problem, have I found certain truths that are not in any history 
books. I have included my first contact with fraudulent mediums at age 
eight because I can't think of a more appropriate place to put it! 

Norman Bigelow EM 

The Original Houdini Murder Theory 

By Norman G. Bigelow Sr. 


The Cold Spot. . .Chapter One 

Karma?. . .Chapter Two 

The Fog of War! . . .Chapter Three 

Houdini in Washington. . .Chapter Four 

Houdini In Washington. . .Chapter Five 

Still In The Worst Town Houdini Ever Struck! 

Chapter Six 

The Last Days. . .Chapter Seven 

Beyond The Grave. . .Chapter Eight 

The End That Never Ends. . .Chapter Nine 

Reincarnation The Real Houdini. . .Chapter Ten 

The Original Murder Theory 

By Norman G. Bigelow Sr. 

Copyright by Norman Bigelow 

The Cold Spot Chapter One 

Houdini was bom March 24^ 1874 and died October 31'* 1926. In 
between he became a magician then an escape artist and finally a crusader 
against people who claimed supernatural powers and some happened to be 
mediums in the world of spiritualism. Houdini was ahead of his time and 
had a lot of information on religion that the public of that day did not know 
about. There are dozens of great books out there that cover the traditional 
Houdini story. This is not one! 

My first recollection of the name Houdini was when I was about eight 
years old. I found a book about Houdini by Walter B. Gibson who I met 
later in life. My father and grandfathers were in awe over names like 
Thurston, Blackstone, Houdini and others who they saw in vaudeville and 
talked about them often. From that time until now has been sixty years. I 
have seen over the years how the story of Houdini is not complete. Walter 
B. Gibson the biographer who actually knew Houdini use to say, "The only 
thing you can be sure of with Houdini is you can 't be sure of anything. " 
Houdini died in 1926 yet we didn't know where he was bom until 1969. 
The craft and public were taught he was bom in Appleton Wisconsin 
because Houdini and his mother said so. He was actually born in Budapest. 

It is important to understand that Houdini was a deceptionist on and off 
stage which makes it harder for researchers. He even changed play bills 
around making himself the staring act even when he was not the star Then 
he put these playbills in his scrapbooks. 

I am going to tell you a story about Harry Houdini as I have known it from 
childhood until now. This is based on historical records and talks with 
people who actually knew Houdini. I present a totally different view than 
any so far These are my views and opinions and what 1 really believe. I 
also intend on introducing the real Houdini in some rare interviews that were 
not covered in his history. Beyond Houdini believing in God and not 
believing in contact with the dead his beliefs have been edited out or left out 
of existence. This was because Houdini made so many enemies beyond 
spiritualist that the weight of it all in the 20 's was too much. Houdini, I 
believe, went too far. 

I am 68 and I have been a student of religion, spiritualism, escape artistry, 
Houdini and related subjects all my life. I have seen the reaction to 
Houdini's name in others a million times. I know what I am not supposed to 
talk about and I put it all in this document. As I said, I believe Houdini went 
too far and was cut off, murdered and buried with his secrets or his 
personal beliefs. One reason is because in that day to talk like he did could 
offend many religions not just one and that was not a good time in the 
history of this country to expose and challenge religion like he did. He was 
like a ship taking on too much water. His challenge was not just to 
spiritualist it was to any who claim supernatural powers and we know many 
in main stream religions boast about the supernatural. He never exempted 
any religion from his challenge. 

At the expense of making some enemies I would like to define Spiritualism 
as Spy-ritualism a huge system of underground fraud collecting information 
and storing it in a main center for mediums to use on people during a seance 
as if they had special powers. That is a group that gathers information on 
people and it is given to mediums to use. The public cannot access this 
information. The atmosphere that Houdini lived in and the constant threats 
around him are important to understand. For the last four years of Houdini's 
life he was receiving death threats because of his work. It is important to 
understand Houdini's enemy list and not just the historical one but the actual 

My first contact with the belief that Houdini was murdered was at age 
sixteen (1960) as that is what my teacher "The Great Reno" and many other 
old timers believed. By (1973) I was convinced it was true and in (1983) I 
wrote the first document ever written on the subject called "Death Blow" 
and published it for magicians only. 1 will now share that research with you 
the public also. 

From age sixteen on I have questioned anyone I could from that era. I 
started to leam Irom magicians and escape artist Irom that day that there 
were those who believed in the theory and those who did not but almost all 
had one thing in common, most did not like Houdini and through the years I 
began to understand it was not just envy. When I asked one old time escape 
artist did he think Houdini was murdered, he replied, the question is, "How 
did he live so long?" 

/ warn the reader this document is direct and may even be brutal for 

some blind Houdinifans or over emotional religious people! 

Houdini did exactly what many in the religion business did not want done. 
He associated supernatural and fraud as ONE! This caused questions to 
be raised about many events claimed as supernatural and even Biblical 
miracles came up. Houdini did it in a huge way in full view of all but its 
effects go far beyond just the world of spiritualism. Science raises these 
questions all the time in some report but with theatrics Houdini brought the 
subject to millions of ordinary people who otherwise might not have any 
idea of the amount of fraud in religion by some. 

Houdini Chiaiienges Chiristianity! 

Before I get to the point I would like to say that I happen to like many 
religions however many are a hot bed of fraud with quite few loons and then 
there are the nice people. I don't agree with everything Houdini believed but 
I think I understand why he believed what he believed. During Houdini 's 
day Fundamentalist Christians had far too much power. Even during the 50s 
I felt the sting of their poison. So most authors stop the hate list at the door 
of spiritualist mediums and don't touch the so called mediators in 
Christianity. To date most writers have either ignored or don't dare talk 
about how Houdini's charge of fraud could be applied to many claims by the 
Christian Church. This list of enemies was far larger than any group of 

The general line in magic was, Houdini said he was not after any genuine 
religion. That is true. So then the natural question is what religion did 
Houdini consider genuine? I really can't think of one off hand but there 
must be at least one. Based on Houdini's own words it would NOT be many 
main stream religions. Why? Because Houdini said that supernatural was 
fraud and many of these religions deal in the supernatural. His solution to 
these claims was simply prove it! The average shut-eyes in the pews may 
not have realized this but you can believe many people of the day who were 
awake knew exactly what Harry Houdini was up to. The Houdini story 
should have the same label that my King James Bible has, Revised & Edited. 
So if you're going to have a discussion of the whole Houdini crusade bring it 
into focus and get to the center of his crusade! The center is the claim of 
supernatural powers. 

Let's take the Ten Commandments. Why believe they appeared on a 
mountain through some supernatural power when in time people would have 
learned them by natural means through realization after experiences fi-om 
groups of people living together? But by giving them a supernatural 
status it gives the illusion that the religion who claims them as their own has 
more power than other religions. These are either natural or divine laws that 
no one owns because they need no supernatural delivery system. 1 am not 
saying there is no such thing as supernatural but I don't think natural 
realization from life's experiences would qualify as such. 

Other cultures had a version of the Ten Commandments long before 
Moses. Egypt had what is called the denials, I have not killed, I have not 
stolen and Moses would have known that according to some writers. 
Millions claim that their experience is supernatural especially tons of fake 
faith healers. The basic story is that Houdini was hated by mediums and that 
is the focus in most all history books but the truth is Houdini was hated in 
the world of magic before he was hated by mediums. He then went on to 
become hated by spiritualist and many others who believed in the 

The following is Irom The Bookman Magazine January 1926 and it clearly 
shows why Houdini would be censored by the main stream press and he did 
complain about it and Bess (his wife) stated the same. This was not covered 
in any history books yet it exists. 

"I am reading Virgil today," Houdini said, "and I am delighted to 
find the poet a magician of ability, perhaps as capable in the art as 
Pythagoras, one grows sad though to learn how many of our modern 
conveniences were lacking to those fine magicians of antiquity, the 
Egyptian priesthood say, and our modern mirror! I should like to dream 
of Virgil with a black lined stage and a set of Mirrors." "But the 
greatest source of ancient magical lore is the Bible. When I want the 
beginning of almost any of our devices I look into the Bible first. 

The Theocrats of the Jews, like those of the Chaldeans were 
wonderfully versed in Conjuring." "A superb trick is seen in Aaron's 
staff that became a serpent. The Egyptian priest knew of a snake which 
became rigid when pressure was exerted on a nerve center at the base of 
the skull, and which was set squirming again by pressure on a nerve 
center at the tail. Aaron, no doubt, learned the secret from some 

priests." Here Houdini is showing his belief that the Bible and at least some 
of its stories were deception. He says the Bible was a source of magical 
lore. He is not talking about supernatural magic because he did not believe 
in it. So his use of the term magical means trickery. 

Think about it; a Jewish magician in the 20s telling mediums that the Bible 
did not mean anything that they said it did and he would show them how to 
read it. (Senate Hearings) Now the death threats make even more sense. 
Houdini says the Theocrats of the Jews like those of Chaldeans were, 
"wonderfully versed in Conjuring." which means tricks and illusions! 
He gives his example in the snake trick by Aaron which the church taught 
was a miracle. So apparently the Jewish magician who was hated by 
magicians and spiritualist called some of the Bible a work of deception. He 
did not say these things by accident. He calls the Egyptian Priesthood our 
modern mirror so I am looking to our priesthood as the reflection. Since 
the old time priest of Egypt were tricksters so must be ours according to 
Houdini. Even today statements like this are offensive to many people. 

World famous Houdini went against church teachings and even in today's 
world a person could get killed over that. Houdini being so famous, so 
interesting with such a huge following could have caused world war three 
over the Bible and therefore became a threat to even some Christian 
Churches and other groups based on the supernatural. He would be deemed 
offensive and there were no shortage of self appointed pastors and their 
many blind faith followers to put pressure on a person. Houdini himself said 
he was no diplomat. Imagine some of the things Houdini may have said and 
the way he may have said it in person. Walter Gibson said this whole affair 
is a can of worms. 

The "official" story is that Houdini was struck in his dressing room by 
Gordon Whitehead which caused serious damage to his appendix. The 
doctors say it was torn from its base. This story says that Whitehead was a 
student at McGill University, or not, depending on whom you read, and that 
Houdini allowed people to punch him in the mid section and Whitehead 
asked if he could try, and Houdini said yes. Whitehead had to be pulled off 
from a brutal attack. 

One student suggested he had gone crazy. It makes sense how the student 
Whitehead struck him several times if the discussion was the Bible as 

reported. I will get in trouble just for writing this whole story. Melbourne 
Christopher first brought this story about a Bible discussion out in his book 
"Houdini The Untold Story."(1969) Christopher put it this way, "Whitehead 
questioned Houdini about Biblical miracles. Houdini seemed in no mood 
for theological conversation. 

He did wonder musingly what the reaction of the people of that time would 
have been to his own seemingly impossible wonders." Now Christopher 
did not say the exact words that Houdini said and it is possible even likely, it 
was so rude, Christopher had to put it in his own words. Having known Mr. 
Christopher some and worked on stage with him I do not in anyway believe 
he made that story up and that he had a good source for his remarks. 
Melbourne Christopher was a perfectionist and did not just make things up. 

Some say the story is just that a story. The test is, would Houdini say 
offensive things about the Bible? Well he once said that one of the apostles 
got out of jail with the help of angels but that "he" Houdini escaped from 
hundreds of jails without the help of anyone, so the answer is yes. 
Depending on what mood he was in would determine just how offensive he 
could be. 

The idea Houdini was murdered started right after his death and was 
pondered by many who understood just how much he was truly hated. It is 
easy for magicians to like Houdini today because they don't have to deal 
with him. In Houdini 's day he was hated by many of the top magicians then 
he went on to be hated by the spiritualist and many who believe in the 
supernatural. If you want to research Houdini 's hate mail by other 
magicians read "The Houdini Code Mystery" by William V. Rauscher. The 
picture of Houdini's hate list is concentrated on mediums which limit's the 
understanding of the murder theory. This document will give you insight 
about his standing in magic. 

Here is a statement from Dai Vernon the elder statesman of Hollywood's 
Magic Castle. "Every great magician of his period hated Houdini." Now 
the question is, were there reasons for this beyond envy? Yes more than 
enough. Houdini felt he owned the escape act and if you performed one you 
were his enemy. He sent out king breakers or handcuffs designed to jamb 
once locked on a person's wrist and he did trap other performers like that. 

There is a story by Guy Jarrett who was married to a female escape artist 
Minerva The Handcuff Queen and it is one of the more really serious ones. 
I don't know if it is true but I certainly cannot say it is not. Guy claims 
Houdini's men put acid in a water barrel act that Minerva performed and 
burned her. If 1 were to take all the known incidents in Houdini's life that 
caused enemies I could write a complete book. He was known to go off He 
destroyed chandeliers, broke windows and assaulted at least one person in a 
company that he had a disagreement with. No one showed up to press 
charges. When I talk about the idea of his murder I like to use statements of 
three most important people, his biographer, his nurse who was with him 
during the end days and Houdini 

Was Harry Houdini IVIurdered? 

"Yes," said his personal biographer Walter B. Gibson. "Yes," said his 
nurse Sophie Rosenblatt. Harry Houdini said he would be murdered. 
Houdini called Fulton Oursler and said, ''Probably I am talking to you for 
the last time; they are going to kill me. " ''Who", asked Oursler? Houdini 
replies, "Fraudulent spirit mediums. " Also Fulton Oursler received a 
hand delivered message which read, "The waters are dark for Houdini, he 
thinks he has broken his ankle, but his days are over. " 

The most controversial medium Houdini ever exposed was Mina Crandon 
wife of Dr. Crandon and she is known as "Margery The Medium." She is 
also known as "The Witch Of Beacon Hill" and she operated out of 10 Lime 
St. in Boston Ma. Margery and her so called or imagined spirit guide Walter 
are quoted as saying the following; If Houdini exposed her that he would be 
beaten up and Walter her spirit guide said Houdini would die. Houdini did 
expose her, he was beaten up and he did die. 

Houdini's war on Spiritualism ended up in Washington before the Senate 
Hearings where Houdini was trying to outlaw certain spiritualist activities. 
While there the following incident occurred. 

At the close of the last day of the hearings, Madame Marcia (A Medium) 
approached Houdini in the corridor of the House of Representatives. 
She said, "You 're a smart man, Mr. Houdini but perhaps I can tell you 
something you don 't know. " 
Houdini replied, "What's that Madame Marcia?" 

She said, ''When November comes around, you won V be here. " 
Houdini said, "How 's that"? He grinned "You 11 be dead, " she said. 
The hearings started on February 26th 1926 and on October 31st 1926 
Houdini died. 

The way I came to my personal belief in the murder theory was over time. 
If you read about Houdini or (H. H. as 1 might refer to him,) starting with the 
first book and try reading them in the order of their release you can see the 
H. H. story expand and you can see more and more information released 
over time and there is more coming. The absence of proof doesn't mean the 
theory is not truth. The reason I believe in the murder is because I not only 
studied Houdini but also spiritualism and many religions and that convinced 
me. I know there are many wonderful people in religion. My parents were 
Christians and wonderful people. But religion also has their sick, demented, 
dangerous fanatics! 

This story is not complete. There are many gaps and many researches 
know there are gaps, even if they do not believe in the murder theory. Many 
have had that feeling there is something missing and there is a lot missing 
starting with two books he was writing and much more. I wonder where 
Houdini's manuscript on, "The Safe and Sane Side of Spiritualism" ever 
went that is mentioned in "A Mind in Chains." What is the Safe Side of 
Spiritualism? Also he was writing a book on "Superstition" using Bible 
Scholars and no parts ever came down to us. These could contain personal 
beliefs and research. 

Often I see these paranormal investigators in a building and they claim 
they feel a cold spot where something happened. Symbolically the cold spot 
for Houdini was his encounter with Margery the medium. I believe that 
encounter was as they say "The Last Straw" and his death warrant was 
signed then and there! I think of how Melbourne Christopher put it in his 
book. The spirit world converged to put a hex on Houdini. Dr. Crandon 
responded to a Mr. De Wyckoff and assured him that the "Curse" on Houdini 
was still in place. Margery the medium to me was at least one of the most 
fascinating tricksters in spiritualism. 

Margery like Houdini went to her grave unapologetic. The following is 
from the book, "Religion, Magic And The Supernatural" by William V. 
Rauscher who is a retired Episcopal Priest, Parapsychologist, Magician, 

Author and Investigator. This shows the true Margery and I have to say I 
admire her tenacity. "At her bedside (Margery) during her last days was a 
Hungarian Psychoanalyst Dr. Nandor Fodor. He was trying to get Margery 
to explain why and how she tricked people. Margery mumbled something 
and Fador did not understand and he asked her to repeat it. Margery said, 
"Sure" and this time more distinctly, "I said you can go to hell." " you 
psychic researches can go to hell." And then Fodor seemed to see something 
like the old familiar twinkle of merriment enter her eyes as she looked at him 
and chuckled softly. Then she said, "Why don't you guess?" and chuckled 
again, "You'll all be guessing for the rest of your lives." What a gal. 
Margery and Houdini went to their graves defiant and still locked in a 
spiritual battle as they entered the great beyond. 

Houdini died on Halloween 1926 and how perfect was that for the master 
of mystery? He died in Grace Hospital and mystery started at that moment. 
I wrote to Grace hospital to try to obtain copies of Houdini's medical records 
and was told they were routinely destroyed. I thought well that is that. In 
those days I use to like to have a martini or two and would do it often with 
an old dentist friend of mine. After our talk I had my wife put in the same 
request and sometime later and she got a letter about the records being put in 
a hall while workman worked on the building and they somehow vanished. 
Sometime later a magician claimed the hospital said they were destroyed in a 
fire. So here is something else missing from the life of the world famous 
Houdini and there is so much more. 

I remember a talk with Bill Rauscher. I said to him one day, "If Houdini 
had a message to get out, mediums would never let it out." Bill replied, 
"You got that right." That is not the normal reaction to that statement. I 
know because I have discussed that subject for years. Most people ask, why 
would anyone block it or nobody today would block it? The question is, just 
how much is missing and has the slow process of shaping Houdini's legend 
really captured the true Houdini? I think only part with the soul missing. 

Houdini engineered one of the largest private investigations of religion 
ever conducted. He hired investigators and had his own spy network. After 
all the time, money and work where are the fruits of his labor? No one can 
study all that religion without forming beliefs. Unlike blind faith followers 
Houdini had a reason for his beliefs based on investigation and personal 
experience. Where are his most personal beliefs about the great beyond? 

What ever the line not to cross in religion was in his day Houdini crossed it 
and far more than has been publicized. 

We know the subject of the Bible came up and it would be interesting to 
see more than what we have about Houdini and the subject. There were a lot 
of problems going on in the twenties with Fake Christianity 

The Rise of the Ku Klux Klan 

Right-Wing Movements and National Politics .htm 

—Slogan at an evangelical workshop on political action 

Only against the back drop of Houdini 's time period can his actual situation 
be understood. The "extreme" Christian Right operates on fear not love and 
they have and still do frighten and intimidate a lot of people and they use 
God as their stick as if God even ordained these religious incompetents. You 
can believe many from this group hated Houdini if they heard anything 
about the Bible coming out of his mouth. According to his biographer 
Walter Gibson, you couldn't shut Houdini up! 

The total number of enemies Houdini had, made it easy for mediums to 
strike. There would be less people to complain. It is very clear Houdini 's 
view of the Bible would anger many spiritualist, many Christians and others 
who believed in the supernatural but that is not what we have been taught. 
Margery the medium will come up more in this document so I need to 
explain her relationship to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Houdini. Sir Arthur 
was a big backer of Margery once Dr. Crandon reached out to Doyle about 
Margery's so called powers. 

At first Doyle and Houdini were friends but Houdini soon learned Doyle at 
worst was a fraud or at least a complete flake who did not have a clue. 
Lady Doyle and Sir Arthur were Christian Spiritualist who tried to convert 
Houdini to their religion by hook or crook with the zeal of an Evangelical 
blind faith salesman Lady Doyle gave a seance and claimed Houdini 's 
mother came through. Houdini not only rejected the message he reject the 
cross at the top of the paper which Lady Doyle drew because his mother 
being Jewish would never do that. Sir Arthur even believed Houdini 

escaped from restraints with supernatural power. Sir Arthur was fooled by 
spiritualistic photos from a group in England and almost every medium he 

Houdini sent his own spy (A magician called De Vega aka Alexander 
Stewart) to gather information on a group called the Crewe Circle from 
England (Founded by William Hope) which specialized in spirit 
photography. Also working to check out the photos was one Harry Price. 
Doyle was completely fooled by these trick photos and they were proved 
trickery so Doyle ended up looking foolish. The following is a quote from 
Skeptical Inquirer Vol. 35.5 July/August 2012. This shows the hate Sir 
Arthur the Christian could muster up and we will see from other quotes later 
that Lady Doyle could do the same. 

"Price, for example, reprinted the results of his experiments with the Crewe 
Circle in the booklet "Cold Light on Spiritualistic Phenomena" because, he 
explained in the booklet's preface, "the Journal of the Society for Psychical 
Research is printed only for circulation among its Members and Associates." 
The booklet caused quite a stir among spiritualists, and Conan Doyle 
entreated Price for years to take it out of circulation: Doyle said, "I do feel 
strongly that the popular sixpenny pamphlet designed to ruin a man who had 
17 years of fine psychic work behind him is wrong . . . my belief is that you 
yourself did not write it. However so long as your name is on [it] we can 
only go for you." In his autobiography. Confessions of a Ghost Hunter, 
Price recalled, "Arthur Conan Doyle and his friends . . . abused me for 
years for exposing Hope. 

The Doyle's developed a real hatred of Houdini and I believe when 
Houdini took on Margery it was the last insult. It really doesn't matter if 
anyone liked Doyle or Houdini, in the heat of battle there may have been 
some fog but in the end and in history Houdini was right and Doyle was 
wrong. Lady Doyle kept right up with Sir Arthur with the hate in a letter to 
Margery she said, "You have doomed Houdini on your side, I have done 
like-wise. Between the two of us, the word will get out and this bastard 
who is standing in our way will get exactly what's coming to him." She 
sounds more like a foul mouth tart from a brothel than a Christian. As for 
Margery, her supporters would do anything to keep her reputation as a real 
medium in tacked but like Houdini there were those who were not fooled. 

The following is from Sixty Years Of Psychical Researched by Joseph F. 
Rinn. A Harvard investigating committee had this to say, "A direct and 
unequivocal statement that all of the phenomena of the medium Margery 
(Mrs. L. R. G. Crandon) at the Harvard investigation last spring and summer 
were performed by trickery was made public today (October 22) by every 
member of the group of observers, many of them famous scientist and 
professors who attended the seances," according to a copyrighted article in 
the Boston Herald. The statement adds that "the only possible difference of 
opinion in the group is to what extent trickery was unconscious." 

Melbourne Christopher wrote about Margery being asked to go somewhere 
to give a seance and her husband wrote and said because of his work 
schedule they could not attend. Then Christopher brought up the proposition 
what was the problem if Margery was the medium, why did Doctor Crandon 
have to be there? 

I wrote an article called "Margery's Medium" because it was Dr. Crandon 
who first got into Spiritualism and brought Margery in guiding her and 
getting her contacts like the Doyle's and I believe teaching her some trick 
methods. Hereward Carrington was an avid writer and researcher of the 
psychic world. He was a big fan of Margery and her lover. Some writers 
suggest that Dr. Crandon was angrier when Margery did not perform well in 
the seance room than he was when she did perform well in the bed room 
with Carrington. In the end Margery and her fooled following were wrong 
and Houdini was right yet these cowards of spiritualism tried to make 
Houdini the evil one and he is still on the black list today. Margery was far 
from some innocent victim. Bill Kalush and Larry Sloman in their book 
"The Secret Life Of Houdini" said it best and contributed a most important 
fact when they wrote, ^'Margery and Crandon demonstrated that they had 
a diabolical understanding of the psychology of magic." Houdini was 
dueling with the best of the best and his methods were not unfair considering 
their skill sets. Any complaints out of Spiritualist is nonsense. Margery got 
caught so what is the problem? Houdini was not picking on some weak 
women in some unfair challenge. This women would do anything from lie to 
lie down with men to have them say she was legitimate. I think she 
respected Houdini some because she could not charm him and so many other 
men were so easy. Doyle was not the only complaint that Houdini had about 
people putting out fraudulent information about him. One J. Hewat 
McKenzie, President of the British College of Psychic Science. On (p 211- 

212) of "Magician Among The Spirits" H. H. quotes McKenzie talking 
about a locked or bolted door and he says, "The force necessary to soot a 
bolt within a lock is drawn from Houdini the medium, but it must not be 
thought that this is the only means by which he can escape from his prison, 
for at times his body has been dematerialized and withdrawn, but this will be 
treated in another part of this chapter." 

People love to ignore your own beliefs. I remember when a lady learned I 
had been adopted from a Catholic mother but was not raised Catholic. She 
said, "Once a Catholic always a Catholic." What an intrusive statement that 
was and I love all my Catholic friends who have always been great to me. 
When I was young our generation heard a lot of, "He is a priest or minister 
so he would not lie." What a lie that was. Some in the clergy are worse than 
the mediums Houdini busted. People come like innocent sheep to their 
spiritual slaughter and don't even know it. Many kids were abused in every 
way while parents stood by oblivious because they had blind faith, trust and 
a completely brainwashed mind. The children who complained often were 
punished and made out to be liars. Houdini said in due time the vale will be 
lifted and we shall see the truth and we now are in that due time. Christianity 
is full of fraudulent mediums and fools in the pulpit and often the churches 
do nothing about it at all. Had Houdini continued we would know more 
about his research on main stream religion and it is my opinion or belief it 
once existed and may still exist. 

Karma? Chapter Two 

Magician John Mulholland said he liked Houdini but many hated him. 
Dante the Magician (Harry Jansen) goes off on Houdini in a piece he wrote 
suggesting Spiritualist became innocent victims of Houdini 's wrath. 
Innocent victims? What a load! These mediums use good people who are 
trying to find truth or spiritual rest and Dante calls mediums the victims. 
More magicians than I ever could have dreamed seem to lean to the friendly 
side of the spiritualist even when they know that the medium is fraud. It is 
not to the world of magic's credit to have any experts in deception fooled by 
religious fakers. Robert Nelson said, "Houdini was just as fraudulent and 
deceitfiil in his work, as those Spiritualist he sought to expose." So the stage 
magician is on the same level as some medium or psychic who cons old 
people out of all their money in the name of spirit? That simply is not true 
or right to say! Houdini was a theatrical performer in an art that specializes 

in deception for entertainment. Mediums specialize in cheating to con some 
innocent person out of money. This is the kind of idiotic reasoning that 
helps mediums and other religious con-men all over the world. It also comes 
from a type of person who may not have cared if something foul did happen 
to Houdini. When you really study all the hate in the world of magic for 
Houdini one has to wonder did Houdini have information in his missing files 
some magicians would not want out? We do know according to his lawyer 
he had personal files on magicians as-well- 

It is said that magician Howard Thurston had some belief in spiritualism 
That I have no problem with. What does however make me wonder about 
Thurston is that he believed that the medium Eusapia Palladino had some 
special ability even though she admitted she used trickery. This I can't 
understand. Can a magician of the highest stature like Thurston be so 
fooled? I guess anyone of us could be fooled by someone. Thurston also 
seemed to be friends with Dr. Crandon (Margery's husband) and Doyle who 
were both sworn enemies of Houdini 's. Was Margery being coached in 
trickery by any of the magicians who she befriended? Houdini said the 
following about Eusapia Palladino, "She cheated at Cambridge, and she 
cheated in New York and yet each time she was caught cheating the 
Spiritualist upheld her, excused her, and forgave her. Truly their logic 
sometimes borders on the humorous." Magician Harry Kellar seemed to 
believe the medium Mr. Eglinton actually levitated. He rejected the idea 
spirits did it but accepted the physical reality of the event. This event 
happened in the dark. Harry Kellar was experienced at exposing fraudulent 
mediums and yet this event seemed to convince him. It is hard for me to 
believe that anything done in the dark could be accepted as real or without 
trickery. I have noticed when other magicians expose mediums they are not 
hailed as trouble makers by other magicians as Houdini was. When 
mediums got rid of H. H. they got rid of a problem for plenty of other people 
besides spiritualist. This hate festival for Harry reminds me of when Walter 
B. Gibson slipped when talking about magicians saying that many magicians 
ripped Bess off after Houdini died either by not paying her money she was 
owed or people getting artifacts of Houdini 's because she could be taken 
advantage of When I pressed Walter he got nervous and changed the 
subject. When Houdini was gone many were relieved. 

History is ftill of proof that very intelligent and even well educated people 

are fooled by religion, Spiritualism, the occult or hidden things all the time. 
Many religious teachings on finding the truth or telling the truth as a rule 
doesn't apply to any truth they do not wish to hear. At this point the person 
who has the actual truth becomes the so called bad guy. Some masters of 
old called Houdini ignorant but he was not fooled with cheap sleazy trickery 
while many of the so called educated masters were and some of them come 
off as, "dumb as a box of rocks." Think about this, mediums used the 
magician's knowledge to convince people they had special powers and 
fleeced them for money and or power. That was their act. Some magicians 
and mediums mingle together like related arts. Magicians perform magic 
like Houdini sometimes including exposing fraudulent mediums. That was 
their act and yet Houdini was the bad guy out of all of them. Perhaps that is 
why he left that note for Bess which was signed H. H. Fall Guy. He did this 
in the last days when he was fully aware mediums wanted him dead and the 
end was nearing. It seems when mediums attack Houdini it is fine but when 
he speaks up he is a bad guy. In October of 1924 Houdini accused Doyle of 
believing that he was the New Messiah and saving the world though his 
occult teachings. He said Doyle was misleading the public and his teachings 
were a menace to sanity and health. That raises an interesting question, just 
what is the occult? Since it is about hidden things that can take in many 
religions not just Spiritualism? Main stream religion has been hiding things 
from their flocks for centuries. 


The Science of Things Hidden. 

Malachi Martin, Eminent Theologian, expert on the Catholic Church, a 
former Jesuit and professor at the Vatican's Pontifical Bible Institute, is the 
author of many books including, "The Keys Of This Blood. " In this book 
Malachi Martin states that ''the church latched onto what they considered 
to be an ultra-secret body of knowledge, a gnosis, which was based in part 
on cultic, occultist strains deriving from North Africa-notably, Egypt and 
in part on classical Jewish Kabbala. " They also borrowed symbols- The 
pyramid and All Seeing Eye, mainly from Egyptian sources. Isn *t this 
symbol on the back of the U. S. dollar Bill? 

Occult means the science of hidden things and that could apply to so many 
groups who hide any truth that they don't like. When we think of Houdini 
investigating the occult why does history suggest we are just talking about 
spiritualist? It is for sure that Houdini 's research did include main stream 

religions especially when a religion charges that the Jewish race were Christ 
killers. He certainly did not miss that! That he would have investigated! 

It was no secret who Houdini thought would kill him. Certainly there is a 
very strong motive for murder in the Houdini case. Besides being a so- 
called religion, Spiritualism is a million or multi million dollar business, 
depending on who we refer to as fraudulent mediums. Houdini 's crusade 
was very bad for profits and all other things like people becoming converts. 
In a book written by Houdini 's attorney, there is a very interesting letter 
from Harold Kellock dated September 19, 1929. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 
shows absolutely no surprise over Houdini 's death. He states, "In my 
private circle at my home in March of that year my wife under spirit 
influence, wrote, "Houdini is doomed, doomed, doomed!" In other words 
the spirit revealed to them Houdini's nearing fate before it happened or prior 
knowledge of his death. It was not a great secret. A lot of people knew 
Houdini was going to die and those who know the truth know it was not the 
work of the Lord. Doyle also points out in his letter that it was Margery's 
spirit guide, Walter, who accurately predicted Houdini's death. The 
mediums who knew Houdini was going to die did so because they knew the 
plan was to silence him forever and not because they were given any divine 
revelation as Doyle would have us believe. Doyle also states in the same 
letter that, "As a doctor, I have a difference of opinion as to what killed 
Houdini." Then he goes on to make a shocking statement, "I say that the 
cause of death is immaterial; what is material is that prophecies were 
fiilfilled." Sir Arthur paints the picture that what happened had to happen 
because Houdini dealt unfairly with mediums. That is an illusion and 
complete distortion. Houdini was hated over free speech by these freaks 
but supression didn't work well while he was alive Margery and her spirit 
guide said Houdini would be beaten up and he would die. This happened so 
I say this time we believe the medium Margery and accept her confession as 
a record in history. 

The following is an interesting insight into the mind of Houdini. He felt 
mediums were so foul that a scare ought to be put in them. Houdini's 
childhood friend Joseph Rinn and debunker of fraudulent mediums agreed 
and drew up a letter that he and Houdini sent to the Editor of the New York 
Mercury which read, "As I frequently attend spiritualistic seances, where 
materialized spirits are said to come out of a cabinet, I wonder if I would be 
breaking any law if I fired a pistol shot at one of these figures and a dead 

body was found on the floor. " According To Joseph Rinn, "The letter, when 
published created consternation among Spiritualist, especially mediums, and 
for fully six months no mediums advertised that he was giving materializing 
seances, for fear some fanatic might be tempted to fire a shot at a cabinet 
spirit. During that period only flowers were materialized. " Now that is 
effective but dangerous because there people who take things like that 
serious. This is a good insight into Houdini and his methods that many 

Houdini has something to say about those who would say that death was 
his fate for defying occult powers. "In the New York Times November 5 , 
1 925 an article quotes Houdini saying, "/ want it to be my mission in life to 
expose fraud. I am abused; I am threatened. When I die my enemies will 
exult and say that in my punishment for defying occult powers, but while I 
have breath and ingenuity, both will be used to unmask praying fakirs, 
fortune tellers, diabolist and spirit mongers. They are worse than patent 
medicines; they are positively poison. Now that is pure Houdini! This was 
not just a difference of opinion, it was a full scale war with fraudulent 
mediums which cost them painful exposure, sometimes arrest and loss of a 
lot of money. In the heat of battle Houdini put up signs that said, "Warning, 
fake mediums get out of town." Threats and law suits were mounting. 
Some historians claim law suits against Houdini at the time of his death 
totaled a million dollars or more. 

Houdini had charged that there were seances in the White House for the 
president and he was looking for some proof. That probably was not 
appreciated. The true picture of the day was war not entertainment. The 
information alone gathered by Houdini and his investigators could have 
caused fear in some who had something to loose. Houdini's attorney, 
Bernard L, Ernst, has some very interesting information in his book, 
"Houdini and Conan Doyle" about information gathering. He states that, " 
In Houdini 's secret archives he had filed away details and information which 
he had unearthed regarding the personal life histories of practically 
everyone connected with the subject, not only regarding mediums but 
investigators and others as well. He had in his files records of these 
individuals back to the day of their birth, and as one prominent magician 
said not long after Houdini s death, ''There are things in those files about 
me which I would swear no one but God knew!" The quantity of this 
material and testimony he accumulated for his own records was almost 

appalling and filled scores of huge packing cases. It goes on to say, "He 
(Houdini) employed a regular network of spies to conduct his 
investigations. " 

Now these files are all missing. Personal information on anyone let alone 
fraudulent mediums could be dangerous for a Houdini or anyone else. It is 
now believed that Houdini's brother burned these files because of death 
threats that he received. So now in Houdini's death the death threats spread 
to Hardeen and he was not alone. Both Beatrice Houdini and Arthur Ford 
received threats when they tried to hold a Houdini seance. Hereward 
Carrington had evidence that proved Margery was a fraud. Someone broke 
into his place looking for something, perhaps that evidence. Carrington was 
advised he was dealing with the underworld and to act accordingly. 
Hardeen's home was also broken into after Houdini's death and was 
searched. Do I believe the story that the records were destroyed? The story 
is that Hardeen destroyed them in front of Joe Hyman. He burned them up. 
But I am not convinced they were all destroyed and there were other records. 
Hardeen was receiving mail from Houdini while on the road exposing 
mediums. This was all mailed to Hardeen and was marked evidence. I have 
my doubts that Hardeen destroyed everything. How did he prove it to 
organized crime? Were they there? Not according to his story. It is hard for 
me to believe that a bunch of thugs just took his word for it. Hardeen was a 
master magician/escape artist and equal to Houdini and if he wanted to hide 
material he knew every trick in the book. His accomplishments made as 
much press as Houdini and for some reason no one writes books about him. 

Another really interesting man highly skilled at exposing mediums was 
Joseph F. Rinn Houdini's boyhood friend author of "Sixty Years Of 
Psychical Research." This book contains a lot of personal information about 
Houdini, mediums and magicians by one who knew first hand. Houdini 
would actually go to Joe to help figure out what some mediums were doing 
or exactly how they were doing it. This mans record of exposure of fraud is 
amazing and his association with Houdini shows very prominent in 
Houdini's work. According to Rinn it was he who told Houdini to lock 
Margery in a box to trap her and Houdini did, as shown in photo 1 and in 
photo 2. On the table in front of Houdini is what is called the bell box. The 
bell box and the Margery box are two of the most controversial devices in 
the Houdini story with each side accusing the other of fraud. John Cox 
(Wild About Houdini) has a search in progress to try to locate the actual 

Margery box. Houdini was a member of The Scientific American Committee 
to investigate claims of mediums and there was an offer $2,500.00 to any 
genuine medium who could prove their claims. Houdini was accused of 
playing fast and loose with investigators when actually some of them were 
undermining Houdini 's work as an investigator. To start with J. Malcolm 
Bird secretary to the committee failed to inform Houdini of many of the 
seances with Margery and it was his job to inform Houdini. So when you 
read how unfair Houdini was, it is all a dam lie. Also Houdini learned that 
during the seances Margery's husband was controlling one of Margery's 
hands in the dark to assure she did not use it. For Houdini that was not 
appropriate as he did not trust Margery or Doctor Crandon. Dr. Crandon 
actually admitted he let go of Margery's hand at times which put her in a 
position of moving objects around saying spirits did it. Dr. Crandon actually 
said that he knew if he let Margery's hand go she would not cheat. So I 
don't care what Houdini did because he was not unfair dealing with these 
fanatical frauds. 

In Photo 2 on the table is the famous bell box. This has a spring flap on 
top and when pressed down the bell will ring. Often the box would be under 
the table and everyone would sit around the table holding hands. People on 
either side of Margery would control her feet but it would do no good. 
Margery still had her method to ring the bell. So Houdini decided he could 
stop her trickery by putting her in the box. When that happened both sides 
accused the other of a set up. It seems that once Margery was in the box her 
spirit guide Walter accused Houdini of planting a carpenters ruler in the box. 
In photo 2 you can see Houdini demonstrating how to ring the bell in that 
situation. Notice also Houdini 's arms are sealed inside so he can get at the 
ruler. Margery never actually rang the bell. The ruler was discovered and 
the argument started. Houdini wrote a booklet exposing everything and took 
the box on tour exposing how the bell can be rung while in the box even 
though Margery never did that. Both sides had different stories. Margery 
could have planted the ruler to discredit Houdini and he could have put it 
there to discredit her. Houdini was also accused of slipping an eraser under 
the flap on the bell box so Margery (or the spirits) could not press it down 
and ring the bell. This incident is a Gordian knot. Did Houdini set Margery 
up? Did Margery set Houdini up? It has been suggested that Margery could 
not have known what the object under the pillow under her feet was and 
because her so called spirit guide identified it as a carpenters ruler and the 
conclusion was Margery was trying to frame Houdini because she knew 

what the object was and could not have known that without prior knowledge. 
I do not agree with that assessment. Margery was very clever and very 
quick. Margery could easily feel that object with her feet and decipher what 
it was. I personally feel Houdini did it and that it was well deserved. This 
whole plot was to coerce Houdini to convert to a fraudulent religion that he 
did not believe in, even under the pressure of death threats. I hate forced 
religion of any kind and think it should be exposed no matter who is doing 

The approaches Margery tried had many people in awkward situations as 
we shall see. Members of the scientific committee starting with Houdini 
included, Dr. William Mc Dougall (Harvard Professor of Psychology), 
Orson Munn editor of Scientific American, Dr. Comstock, and Dr. Walter 
Franklin Prince who like Houdini could not be bought or intimidated. The 
Margery camp must have realized it because this message comes from 
Doyle's circle. "There is a great deal going on in America at present. The 
evil forces are very strong, but the forces of light are stronger. Truth always 
prevails. Houdini is going rapidly to his Waterloo. He is exposed. Great will 
be his downfall before he descends into darkness of oblivion. He has caused 
a terrible fate. Prince (Dr. Prince) will not be far behind him. They will be 
centers of evil, like a whirlpool with its eddies, dashing humans to 
destruction." This is the utter nonsense as well as dark vindictiveness from 
so call Christian Spiritualist. Dr. Prince who was a true professional and 
fair minded person will be cast into the spiritualist hell just because they 
could not force him to cooperate? The contempt goes both ways. Houdini 
spoke about mediums and said, 

''There are three kinds of mediums, those who are honestly deluded, 
those who are psychotics, and those who are criminals. " What kind was 
Margery? She was wide awake I believe. A book called "Margery" by 
Thomas Tietze, may offer a better look at Margery's operation. Margery 
wore only a robe and nylons while male examiners got to examine, see and 
touch every part of her during these seances. In a letter between Grant Code 
and Walter Franklin Prince, Committeeman Bird was quoted as saying, 
"Margery made advances to every man in sight." It states that Houdini 
reported the same and showed photographic evidence. Photos of that 
nature could very easily get someone killed. Although the question of 
Houdini 's death itself remains a mystery, the knowledge of who wanted to 
kill him is no mystery. 

Photo 1 

Photo 2 

Margery inside the box built by Houdini. In this photo her hands will be 
controlled during the seance so she can not use them. Houdini can put her 
under even more control by blocking the arm holes so only Margery's head 
is out of the box! Houdini demonstrates that in photo 2. 

The Fog Of War! Chapter Three 

Houdini was not only in a battle with fraudulent mediums but some 
committee members themselves. Apparently the Harvard Psychologist Dr. 
William McDougall was not pleased with Houdini's anti Margery stance. He 
suggest Houdini came with fixed beliefs and suggested Houdini could not 

see or understand this new force. McDougall said, "The only thing I 
personally hold against him (Houdini) is his attempt to make it appear that 
the committee was on the point of awarding the prize to the Crandon's until 
he stepped in and saved it from itself. This I strongly resent, as it makes him 
seem to have a monopoly of intelligence and of caution. I do not require 
Houdini to teach me something about which I probably know more than he 
does." This Harvard Professor was now into an area that he knew little 
about compared to Houdini and Houdini check mates him in a simple 
challenge proving the advice "never play another mans game." This is the 
area Houdini is most expert in, strategy and deception. Houdini's answer is 
pure Houdini! He said, "Now I have another $5,000 in my hands and will 
put up as bond for my challenge to Professor McDougall of Harvard 
University. According to his statements, he does not need me to teach him 
anything about mystery and psychic phenomena. He has made serious 
charges against me with respect to the Margery mediumship. I will wager 
him a sum equal to his year s salary that his knowledge of psychology will 
be useless to him if he lets me nail him into a heavily weighted packing case 
and throw him into the Charles River, a condition from which I have escaped 
repeatedly all over the world. I assure you Professor McDougall s friendship 
with Margery and all her spirit controls will not get him out of the box 
before he drowns. " 

The professor walked right into that one by claiming knowledge beyond his 
experience in Houdini's area and style. Houdini had good reason to suspect 
there was a lot of cheating going on. 

In "The Man Who Walked Through Walls" by Gresham we can see how 
Houdini's attitude right or not could have made even more enemies. "As 
Houdini insisted in his lectures, it does no good to "control" a medium by 
holding her hands and resting your feet on hers in the darkness if her 
husband, manager, companion, or even a member of the committee known to 
be sympathetic with her, is left out of control. One committeeman with 

one hand free can produce a hatful of wonders while the medium takes it 
easy in her chair, closely "controlled. " This was such an elementary and 
self-evident fact that Houdini s wrath boiled over when serious investigators, 
with a parade of academic letters after their names, refused to include it in 
making their evaluations of "genuine " phenomena. Again and again, in 

public and in private, Houdini insisted that a distinguished career in one 
field , such as chemistry, physics, or astronomy, is of no value whatever in 
detecting fraud by a medium. The laboratory researcher, while familiar with 
the scientific method as applied to experiments with chemical compounds, 
electricity, or the physiology of white mice, is completely out of his depths 
when faced with a tricky, professional wonder worker. " 

According to Joseph Rinn, "Houdini had reason for concern. He missed 
many seances because J. Malcolm Bird decided not to even inform Houdini 
of these proceedings and Houdini 's name as an investigator could be 
damaged if Margery was not exposed. Rinn suspected that Bird left Houdini 
out of the loop because he (Bird) had fallen for spiritualism. (If so I am sure 
Bird knew Houdini would be a problem.) Rinn wired Houdini and told him 
Bird had slighted him out of many seances and the following is from his 
book. "On receiving my wire, Houdini cancelled his booking and returned 
to New York. When we met, he said: "/ didn 't receive any notice of the 
Margery meetings. What's been going on? " After giving him a general idea 
of what had occurred, I said: "Bird who, as you know, is favorable to if not a 
believer in Spiritualism, and Hereward Carrington, whom Francis Martinka 
charged with being in collusion with Palladino, ( Palladino an Italian 
medium) are being wined and dined as the guest of Margery and her 
husband, and her husband insist on being present at every seance, so you 
can't wonder at the remarkable phenomena being produced." Houdini, 
looking grim as I finished , asked, "What do you advise me to do to protect 
my reputation? " "If the committee will not agree to bar Margery's husband 
from the seances, you should demand that both of them be tied up with 
thread, or that Margery be placed in a wooden cabinet enclosing all of her 
body except her head and arms." "Draw me a plan of the cabinet, " said 
Houdini, "as I can 't afford to have her win out in a test through fraud. " 
"Houdini took with him to Boston the plan I had drawn, and he quickly 
learned that Bird and Carrington were living in the home of Margery, where 
fifty-eight seances had already taken place without his knowledge or 
presence." This shows that supposed impartial investigators were living with 
Margery and excluding Houdini from doing his job as a committee member. 
He was not upset over nothing. Bird and some others tried to get Houdini 
disqualified from the committee. Houdini charged that the Crandon's, Bird, 
and Carrington were engaged in a conspiracy to conceal the original fraud. 
The whole affair is a mess and with serious threats from powerful and angry 

Houdini shows his ability to make a poisonous strike to the heart and gets 
real personal but then again Margery and Dr. Crandon brought it on. Houdini 
was doing some slate writing effects on stage. It is what mediums were 
doing. They would show two blank slates, tie them together and put them in 
plain site. At some point the slates were open and there would be a written 
message on the slates. Mediums say spirits did it. Houdini did it quite 
different as we read in "The Secret Life Of Houdini." "And the he (Houdini) 
opened the second set of slates, reminding the audience that he asked the 
well known spirit to show them a sign. There were two photographs 
between the slates and Houdini held them up for the audience to see. The 
first was a photo of a young Walter Stinson, Margery's brother and spirit 
guide. The second had been autographed. It read, "My last photograph. Love 
to all, Walter." It was a photo of Walter taken minuets after he was crushed 
to death between the engines on the night of his fatal accident. Houdini's ire 
toward the Crandon's had reached ghastly proportions." 

According to Doyle this Spiritualist movement was called the 'New 
Revelation" or Second Coming. It doesn't get more important than that to 
any blind faith followers. Think of the implication of Houdini trying to spoil 
"The Second Coming." His race was already branded Christ killers for 
the first coming and now another Jew was trying to ruin the second 
coming. In those terms Houdini was a man equal to the anti Christ to many. 
This was suggested in the Senate Hearings about Houdini being a Jew as we 
will read. The issue of spying is something I brought up in Death Blow in 
1983. Of course Houdini had a spy network trained on mediums. Did he do 
any government spying? I don't know but nothing would surprise me. The 
other question is, was Houdini being spied on? Since he was spying on and 
investigating a huge spy system called Spiritualism of course they had eyes 
on Houdini. They also wanted to hurt him. There are records of people 
being beaten up over spiritualism if they were not fi-iendly towards it. Even 
in modem times bad things happen. Medium Lamar Keene was shot in the 
70s for writing a book (Psychic Mafia) exposing fake mediums. He lived 
but the case has not been solved and should be re-opened. I believe if solved 
it will prove that mediums are just as dangerous today as they were in 
Houdini's day. It seems the police also felt mediums were behind it. While 
some see the past as over it is not. The stars of spiritualism in Houdini's day 
like Margery are the Gods of Spiritualism today. When one talks about their 
many false gods one gets in trouble. Some Spiritualist have no problem 

sending out bad vibes and Houdini had no problem sending bad vibes right 
back to them. 

In 1976 I was invited to meet Sophie Rosenblatt, Houdini's personal nurse 
and she was with Houdini in his last days. I came in contact with Sophie 
through her niece Jean Silverman because 1 was telling everyone who would 
listen that Houdini had been murdered. At our visit Sophie explained that 
each year on Halloween since Houdini's death Kaddish was said for him. 
Her son Harry said the prayer for Houdini's soul and this 50 anniversary 
would be the last time they would do it. My wife was present along with 
Jean Silverman for the short service. Candles were lit and the prayer was 
offered. Afterwards, we talked. Sophie was very alert for a women of 
eighty five. When I asked Sophie why she thought Houdini was murdered 
she said, "You should have seen how they (Spiritualist) hated him." I heard 
the same thing from Gibson and others. That's why I don't pay much 
attention to those who don't believe in the murder theory, I have known and 
experienced people from that day who would know best. Sophie knew I had 
strong feelings about the murder theory and I sensed she wanted to tell me 
something. As she was showing me a beautiful bedspread that belonged to 
Houdini, Sophie said she always believed Houdini was murdered. She was 
all too aware of how mediums hated him and wouldn't think twice about 
murder. Sophie said at the time she was pressured by McGill University and 
others not to say Houdini was murdered. She was threatened with lawsuits. 
Anyone around Houdini in those days felt the pressure. Houdini's trusted 
assistant Jimmy Collins was quoted as saying in those days, "The truth was 
bloody well what the boss (or Houdini) wanted it to be." Houdini knew no 
boundaries when searching for the truth. 

I like Sophie and have hesitated to tell all that 1 heard. But it really does 
play an important part of Houdini history and how complicated it all might 
be. According to Jean Silverman some of the family looked down on Sophie 
for carrying on an affair with Houdini. Those kind of reasons are why many 
things are kept under wraps along with parts of the story. That was a 
generation that respected privacy with family problems. It was just common 
practice to hide what others felt should not be known. 

As we continue on with this subject, let's introduce speculation concerning 
the blows sustained by Houdini for the purpose of looking at the situation in 
more than one way. It may be as simple as the student attacked and as a 

result Houdini died. On the other hand the blows may have been the 
misdirection to cover the actual method and the entire operation could have 
been to fix Houdini so no doctor could save him. 

Houdini was sitting down when he was struck. He had a fever. He was 
nursing a broken ankle and had other problems so his resistance was already 
down. It was a perfect time to strike a blow. The New York Times 
November 1, 1926 carries an article entitled, "Harry Houdini Dies after 
Operation." Further down it reads "Death Due To Poisoning." Of course, 
the article goes on to explain it was peritonitis poisoning. 
But, if the blows were a misdirection, how do we know for sure poisoning 
was not involved as a little helping hand Irom spirit land? If mediums can 
and do fool great scientist and learned men, then why not doctors also? 

In this same New York Times Article, there is a smaller heading which 
reads, "Playful Blows Given by Montreal Student as Test caused appendix to 
Break." I hardly think these blows could be considered playful, Sophie said 
it was a brutal attack. The student had to be pulled off. 

The only way this mystery can be unlocked is to understand the deception 
that is involved. Houdini himself states in his own work, "Magician Among 
The Spirits" that he did not always know in a seance how the trick worked 
but he knew when he was being fooled. Certainly, we are being fooled about 
Houdini 's death. 

Magicians are not the only masters of deception; so are mediums and 
many other religious racketeers. It is their art also but used in a fraudulent 
manner. Some are so clever they make death itself appear to be something 
it is not. There are so many groups who would have profited in some way 
from and gained a measure of power in Houdini's death. 

Houdini knew that these different mediums, although appearing to be 
separate , were in a real way all linked together. 

In "Houdini & Conan Doyle" by Bernard Ernst on (p 39) Mr. Ernst states 
about Houdini, "It is only natural that a man with his training and 
background should remain skeptical of the performances of professional 
mediums and when, during the latter years of his life, he delved deeply into 
this subject it was in order to expose the tricks and the huge underground 
system of fraud w hich his experience and his investigations had shown him 
to exist. Houdini crossed this line of secrecy with this underground system 
of fraud. He not only publicly denounced their fraud, he exposed the inner 
workings of their tricks to the public in books and demonstrations. That is 
against the laws of the black magicians of the seance room. 

Mediums were watching Houdini's every move and would have known 
exactly when the opportune time was to finish olf Houdini and pass it off as 
an accident. Mediums don't make millions of dollars because they don't 
know what they are doing. They specialize in reading people and preying on 
their weakness. They know just when to take advantage and how to create 
illusion. This is their whole game. 

Let's drift along Houdini's downhill road with the mediums picking out 
various thoughts. I pick the date of June 17, 1922, as the real starting of 
Houdini's down fall. History books tell us that is the date of the famous 
Lady Doyle, Houdini seance. From this seance on down and beyond, the 
intense war grew hotter and hotter. That encounter was the beginning and 
Margery was the end. Margery, the medium, or the "Witch Of Beacon Hill" 
as she was rightful called, is a study in herself. Margery was a witch and 
black magician capable of casting great spells over investigators or at least 
some. There is a book written in 1976 by Thomas R. Tietze called, 
"Margery" that reveals a lot of her behind the scene material concerning the 
Queen of Mediums. Dr. Walter Franklin Prince, Psychic Researcher on the 
case is quoted as saying, "The Margery case will, in time, come to be 
considered the most ingenious, persistent and fantastic complex of fraud in 
the history of psychic research." This book is based on records Irom Dr. 
Prince who died in 1934 and the information took all those years to reach us. 

In Doyle's book "Edge Of The Unknown," the first chapter is "The Riddle 
Of Houdini." Doyle shows he is absolutely disgusted with Houdini's 
exposure and treatment of Margery the great hope of the New Revelation. 
History proves Margery was a fraud. Doyle's attitude was that Houdini did 
this for fame and money. Perhaps the same could be said of Doyle. But 
what did people actually get for their money? With Doyle, they got put to 
sleep in dream land and the mediums got the cash and Houdini got dead. In 
Houdini's case, the victim got there eyes open to the trickery and the 
medium got caught. All they way to the end and beyond Doyle is deeply 
enmeshed in Houdini's life and mysterious death and his opinions about 
Houdini's death are similar to the obnoxious hell fire preachers at least in 
zeal. The "we will get you in death" mentality, like it's their job! Houdini 
told a committee in Washington that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was the 
biggest dupe at all. 

In a sense Houdini was killed in two places or killed in one place and died 

in another. The blows were on Canadian soil but Houdini died in America 
which splits any investigation powers in half between two different 
countries. Were our powers of vision cut in half also? Again in Doyle's 
book, "Edge Of The Unknown", he proves he is wrong concerning Houdini 
and his methods of magic. Doyle attempts to explain that Houdini 's escapes 
from handcuffs, jails, boxes and water cells were all the result of occult 
powers and dematerialization. Houdini himself lived an entire life denying 
it. But Sir Arthur assures us Houdini was hiding his powers. The only thing 
Doyle proves is that he is not qualified like many of the ministers in this 
country to teach religion. It is one thing for Doyle to believe that and 
another to use it as publicity to gain converts to spiritualism. This is the man 
who was fooled by pictures of fairies that he thought were real. They were 
actually cardboard cut outs photographed to fool a fool. Once any magician 
reads Doyle's explanation of Houdini 's work they know at once Doyle is 
totally out in the field with the lilies. Any magician that doesn't realize it is 
not a magician. Doyle was wrong about his own wife's mediumship, he was 
wrong about Houdini, he was wrong about the Fox sisters, he was wrong 
about the Davenport brothers and he was wrong about Margery the medium. 
Then, to top it off, Doyle complains because Houdini is arrogant. That 
might be true but Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was far more arrogant trying to 
force his religious beliefs on Houdini to use Houdini and his fame to serve 
the fraudulent spiritualist cause. Conversion freaks are the human ego 
doctrine in any religion. 

Doyle tried to give Houdini no choice. To know what we really believe, 
we must investigate. Every time Houdini reported on his investigations he 
was rebuffed by someone if his findings were not in favor of mediums. Sir 
Arthur did not care if Houdini believed, if he just said he did that would be 
accepted and the whole history of spiritualism is proof of that. Doyle was a 
spiritual extortionist, swindling manipulator and fool. He had evidence of 
more than enough exposures to know what fraud was and how it works. He 
was like many in religion, he just didn't care for what ever reason. Doyle 
fostered this fraudulent belief of Houdini 's powers for his own personal 
religious beliefs and to convert people. I well understand those arrogant 
characters from my early church days. Believe what I say or go to hell. 
They are nothing but spiritual extortionist in any religion. Houdini stood 
ready to be tested on his claims and beliefs. Doyle and his notorious band of 
swindlers would only be tested under conditions which allowed fraud unless 
forced to do otherwise. Doyle did not just disagree with Houdini, he was 

trying with all he had by hook or crook to get Houdini to convert so he could 
testify that these so called mediums had supernatural powers. When Houdini 
refused, Doyle still used it for all its worth the story that Houdini had 
supernatural powers thus tapping into Houdini's personal power lines for his 
own gain for fraudulent Spiritualism. They are lucky Houdini did not 
convert. He could have taken Doyle and his rich pals for all the money they 
had by selling them nonsense. Sir Arthur accuses Houdini of being closed 
minded toward mediums but Sir Arthur was at the very least closed minded 
toward magicians with the exposures of fraud in his religion. Lady Doyle's 
seance is another subject in itself. Houdini rejected the message given as his 
mother. The Doyle's were not pleased with his reaction. Because of 
everything that was going on it may be that Houdini interpreted this famous 
seance as another religious fanatic out to hook a Jew for their fraudulent 
idiotic cause. It is my firm belief if Houdini's mother could really 
communicate she would communicate a message the Houdini would 
understand of their own hearts and not of the Doyle's. Lady Doyle failed to 
produce the true spirit of Houdini's mother. These people who push people 
to convert to any religion amaze me. They are so insecure in their own 
beliefs they need everyone around them to convert and agree with them 
before they can be secure in what they believe. 

Some writers portray Houdini with a mother complex. Perhaps Lady 
Doyle tried to take advantage of his soft spot for his mother by being that 
mother figure brining forth an emotional heart warming message of love to 
substitute for any lack of proof She played the nice old lady card and it did 
not work then she played the bitch card. The actual message is recorded in 
many history books if you want to read it. To me it is just gibberish and 
nonsense. 1 have paid mediums for readings before and as I always say, "1 
don't need another medium to tell me that my mother loves me." As to the 
mother complex belief, I want to add a few things to the subject. Houdini 
studied many religions and I know from his own words he understood and 
believed in some eastern philosophy. I am sure he would know there is a 
Hindu belief that there is a Divine Mother aspect of God. There is a belief 
that if we look at all women as in incarnation of the Divine Mother all 
women of the world will be treated better. There is a story of two Gurus 
walking along and two prostitutes tried to sell themselves to these Holy men. 
They bowed to the women and said Divine Mother that you for presenting 
yourself in this form, they blessed the women and walked on. Quite 
different than the reaction by many western ministers who would freak out at 

the sight of working girls. I remember what Jimmy Carters sister said when 
she traveled around trying to reach people spiritually. She said all the 
ministers she met wanted to marry her which is another way of saying at 
least some of the ministers had mind something other than God. In the east 
worship of the mother is a pure religious belief and not a psychological 

Lets review some of the ties between Houdini's death and the fraudulent 
mediums who he fought. First I want to quote Joseph Rinn from his book. 
Thirty years before his death, Houdini told his boyhood friend, Joseph Rinn, 
"Those mediums are bad actors and would think nothing of putting you in 
the hospital or worse. " Houdini was fully conscious way back then how 
dangerous fraudulent mediums were and then he rose to be a most feared 
enemy! Fear makes people do things that they might not ordinarily do. He 
put people out of business. He ruined their lively-hood. Before he went into 
cities or towns he would send his spies to set mediums up. They would pay 
for a seance or reading, get a receipt and even make a mark somewhere like 
under a window so they later had more than enough proof that they were 
there. If any of those mediums came to his stage exposures he would have 
the spotlight thrown on them and call them out in front of everyone there 
including reporters there to write about it. Busting them is one thing but to 
go further and humiliate them in public is like a knife in the back. Suddenly 
all over spirit land it seemed they all knew Houdini was Doomed! 
On October 11, 1926 Houdini broke his ankle preparing to perform the 
Water Torture cell. He was resting it when the student punched him while 
Houdini was sitting down. In the book "A Mind In Chains," it says, "The 
very next day Fulton Oursler received a hand delivered message which read, 
"The waters are dark for Houdini, he thinks he has broke ankle, but his days 
are over," Twenty days later Houdini was dead. Every step of the way 
mediums are recording the fact they are going to kill Houdini in full view 
and get away with it. We know from many cases that Houdini was over 
bearing and could be very vindictive so he often angered people much more 
than needed to just to do the exposures. Even in his regular dealing with 
people who were not mediums there were serious problems. In Houdini by 
Kellock we read, "Houdini was not always an easy player for managers to 
deal with. He had quarrelsome periods, but his outbursts of temper, furious 
while they lasted, were quickly spent and generally forgotten forthwith. For 
the last twenty-five years of his life he was the head of the bill everywhere, 
and woe to the managers who failed to accord him all the prerogatives that 

went with that position." So Harry was difficult. Show business is full of 
strong minded difficult people. As we read more Kellock speaks about the 
uproar when Houdini released his book "Magician Among The Spirits." It 
says, "The leading organs in the vaudeville world, in their reviews and 
editorial comments, noted that Houdini's activities had swung far beyond 
the range of pubUc entertainer. " 

When Houdini got going nothing could stop him except death itself and as 
it turned out not even that stopped him. Many know what fraud is because 
of Houdini and his ability to get press. 

Houdini knew best of all what he was into and when he said mediums were 
going to kill him he knew it and I believe him. I believe Margery when she 
said if Houdini exposed her some of her friends would beat him up and I 
believe when Margery pretending to be her spirit guide said Houdini was 
going to die. They all knew. Listen to Doyle in his book. "Edge Of The 
Unknown." Concerning Houdini's exposure of Margery, Doyle states, "He, 
Houdini, should have taken warning and realized he was up against 
powers which were too strong for him, and which might prove dangerous 
if provoked too far." What powers? Doyle of course is suggesting 
supernatural power but since we know what he believed in was fraud we 
also know he is really talking about earthly powers. Those religious loons 
who think they are doing the work of the Lord when they lie to flocks and 
take their money. If anything these people are supposed to be servants of 
their God and helping people especially people with a religious or spiritual 

Houdini In Washington Chapter Four 

According to Lindsay Gresham in "The Man Who Walked Through 
Walls," Washington DC, in 1926 was the city most infested with palm 
readers, astrologers, message mediums, slate writers, and crystal workers — 
a Mecca for mediums and fortune tellers. Considering Houdini was out to 
pass laws that could cause them trouble if they could not prove they were 
legitimate this was a very dangerous stop for him. Even though the bill did 
not go through mediums knew at this point how far Houdini would go. They 
also knew he would not stop trying as long as he was alive. They did not 
need their crystal balls or spirit guides to understand that. 

In "The Man who Talked With The Dead," Spraggett says, "The arch 

enemy of fake mediums, Houdini, rode his white charger into the Capitol to 
make a dramatic appearance before a congressional committee to investigate 
spiritualist abuses and possible legal remedies such as proposed in Bill H. R. 
8989." "Any person pretending to tell fortunes, where lost or stolen goods 
may be found; any person who by game or device, slight of hand, pretending 
fortune telling or by any other trick or means, by fraudulently obtains from 
another person property of any descriptions; any person pretending to 
remove spells, or to sell charms for protection or to unite the separated shall 
be considered a disorderly person. " I would like to state that I am not going 
to get into the right and wrong of the bill. I am not in favor of any law that 
can over lap or infringe on anyone's rights of freedom of religion. The 
equalizer, I believe, is a systematic plan of busting fraudulent mediums and 
providing evidence for all who feel the need. We have laws already that 
apply to clergy and anyone else. In most cases we have more than enough 
laws, we even have too many. My one exception is any religion that teaches 
to kill Americans or anyone. In those cases if proved I would confiscate all 
their property and place of doing business. I would shut them down and 
deport the teachers of this doctrine. 

Let us look at Washington as a weather report. Let's see the climate, as 
that in itself will tell the truth. This is not, as some suggest, just another 
phase of show business. This was a war coming near the fatal hour. 
Houdini was an illusionist, escape artist and researcher pitted again the 
masters of black arts in the guise of the Lord or the so called Second Coming 
which never happened as spiritualist had claimed that it was in progress. 
The following are extracts of Houdini's initial statement for the Senate 
Committee hearings, (p 6, 7,& 8:) Mr. Houdini: This is positively no attack 
on religion. Please understand that emphatically. I am not attacking a 
religion. This is a slight of hand or mind move on Houdini's part. This was 
an attack on any and all religions that boasted supernatural events including 
the Bible and the flocks that were awake understood it. Houdini continues, 
"I respect every genuine believer in spiritualism or any other religion as 
long as it does not conflict with the laws of the country." This is more 
magician work trying to paint a soft picture. He may have believed in a 
genuine believer in spiritualism but the hook is he did not believe in 
Spiritualism start to finish. Houdini continues, "But this thing they call 
Spiritualism where a medium communicates with the dead is a fraud from 
start to finish. There are only two kinds of mediums, those who are mental 
degenerates and who ought to be under observation and those who are 

deliberate cheats and frauds. " Can't you just feel the love in Washington 
between Houdini and the mediums? Houdini continues, "/ would not 
believe a fraudulent medium under oath, perjury means nothing to them. You 
take a man or women in an insane asylum and they do not know what they 
are talking about. How can you call it "religion " when you get men and 
women in a room together and feel each others hands and bodies? The 
inspirational mediums are not quite as bad as that. But they guess by fishing 
methods and by the obituary notices and get neurotics to believe that they 
hear voices and see forms. In 35 years I have never seen a genuine 
medium. " 

Mr. Houdini: "/« New York that is how mediums work. They pretend that 
they are looking into the past and the future by mediumship, just the same as 
when the medium is arrested, they go before the magistrate and say, "I am 
the Rev. Jose Sherman: I am an ordained minister, " and the magistrate does 
not know that you can be illiterate and yet be an ordained minister. You need 
not study, or you don 't have to go to school to be a Reverend. One of my 
investigators has been ordained six times and is a Pastor twice. And I would 
like to tell you in front of everyone that in many towns the men are 
degenerates. When they have the women in the room— I have it all under 
oath — they get the women alone and they put their hands all over their 
bodies. I have examined over three hundred mediums and this town is the 
worst I ever struck. " Mr. Reid: "Washington you mean?" Mr. Houdini: 
''Washington absolutely T Houdini said he was not a diplomat. 1 guess he 
missed the courses on "How to win friends and influence people." Houdini 
continues, ''Selling lucky charms. If you want sworn affidavits about some 
of the men degenerates here, I will be glad to let you have them. " 

Houdini and his spies had information that some people there in 
Washington would not want out and it seemed some might have been sexual 
in nature which could have caused big problems at home for some of these 
men. This kind of information can cause any reaction to it. Houdini 
continues, "They tell you how to win back your lover. I picked up a paper on 
the street or bought it at the station, where some women, Lenora—I don 't 
know whether she was investigated by my investigators or not but you can 
read everything to come about love. And they do it under the cloak of 
religion. " I have thought of a nice defense mediums could have used 
instead of just being showed up as people who cannot do one little thing 
because they have no powers. Mediums should have said, "Why can't we 

make a living lying to the public that is how leaders in Washington make 
their living, by lying to us?" Houdini continues, "The first thing they do is 
get approval out of the Bible. But there is not a thing in the Bible that says 
the dead can come back — the spirit and the angel. I believe in spirits: they 
are not dead, and angels never die. There are so many things they pick up in 
the Bible and point out. I will guarantee that if you give me any passage in 
the Bible and just let me in interpret it and I will prove it has not a thing to 
do with some human form who came back. The Bible states about the spirit, 
like the transfiguration, that it took place in full light; not like the witch in 
dark dirty places. Here in Washington I believe I spent at least $2, 000 in 
buying lucky charms. Every medium with a few exceptions, would see my 
investigators lucky charms. I have them all and will let you have them and 
they all claim they are mediums. " Mr. Rathbone: "Mr. Houdini, the point I 
am trying to make is this, You are attacking Spiritualism? 
"Houdini: 'Wo / am attacking fraudulent mediums. If there are any genuine 
mediums, I never met one. " 

If we had Houdini 's own findings afi;er all that research we might know 
more about what he believed and have a more expanded understanding of his 
beliefs. So far he is saying he doesn't believe in communication with the 
dead. Many try to communicate with Houdini through seances and all fail 
yet we can see how powerful his spirit is in many ways. On (p 9) the report 
continues as follows: "Mr. Reid: "I would like to have you tell us about the 
conditions in Washington. This bill applies to Washington and if there is 
something that is not right it ought to be removed." Mr. Houdini: "/« this 
town for $25.00 you are licensing blackmail, robbing and stealing under the 
clairvoyant license, and it is under authority— I had the number when I was 
here — 60,000 or 70,000 girls. The great majority of whom, when they come 
into a mediums place are shown a license hanging on the wall and the girls 
think that means it is authentic by the Government. They don 't realize that 
that only means a license. Mediums say, there you are, if I were not genuine, 
I could not get a license. " Mr. Huston: "You have never tried to catch them 
(mediums) on a test have you?" Mr. Houdini: "On a test (turning to the 
audience) tell me the name my mother called me when I was bom?" (no 
response). (At this point, Mr. Houdini threw on the committee table the 
crumpled piece of paper.) Mr. Huston: "We ought to know something about 
the subject matter." Mr. Houdini: "Fom asked for a test?" Mr. Huston: 
"Sure." Mr. Houdini: "Here is a telegram (turning to the audience) read that 
you clairvoyant mediums and show me up. Tell the contents of that 

telegram. " (No response.) 

At least the hearings proved one thing, if there are any true spirit mediums 
they were not at the fortune telling hearings in Washington. There was not 
one single manifestation during the entire process. Not only did Houdini test 
them the committee offered the mediums any conditions they wanted to 
prove their case. From the way mediums were talking I thought they would 
have at least raised up George Washington and have him say a few words. 
Why would Houdini believe anything coming from mediums was 
supernatural? He had no reason to believe it! It is not about true religion it 
is about fraud. 

On (p 14) Houdini is asked about his own personal religion. Mr. Hammer 
to Houdini: "I didn't understand what your occupation is." Mr. Houdini: "I 
am a syndicate writer, I am an author and I am a mystifier, which means I 
am an illusionist. " Mr. Hammer: "You do not claim to be able to do 
anything by divine power?" Mr. Houdini: 'Wo sir; I am human, hut 
mediums are trying to say I am psychic. That is not trueT Mr. Hammer: 
"Have you any religious views?" Mr. Houdini: "Yes Sir; I am the son of a 
Rabbi, for hundreds of years my forebears were Rabbi. " Houdini is also 
clear in his beliefs in his book, "Magician among Spirits," in which he 
states, "/ firmly believe in a supreme being and that there is a hereafter. " 

On (p 38) H. P. Strack, Secretary to the National Spiritualist Association 
Of America, Washington DC, rose to defend Spiritualism. He holds the title 
of Reverend. During his speech he stated this about Houdini; "I am 
surprised and dumbfounded that the Confederate Churches in the District of 
Columbia should accept statements and the words of a pronounced atheist 
and infidel." I have no use for these religious thugs who dismiss anything 
you say and just talk right over it. Houdini says he is religious and his father 
is a rabbi and Strack comes back with a statement like that. But there is a 
pattern to all of this. Doyle used the same system. Houdini has said that he 
did not have supernatural powers and Doyle preached to all the world that he 
did. Houdini said he believed in God and Strack said he is an atheist. This is 
all falsification, distortion and thugery by cowards. What Strack really said 
is if you are Jewish and don't believe in Spiritualism and Stracks authority 
as a Reverend, you don't believe in God. That is what all scam artist claim. 
Having studied different religions I came up with some guidelines to follow. 
One is, as soon as any religious people start calling people infidels I am done 

listening to them. On (p 51) Houdini gives an additional statement: Mr. 
Houdini: "My religion and my belief in the almighty has been assailed. I 
stated yesterday that I do believe in the almighty, I have always believed, 
and I will always believe.'" (Houdini was not known to attend any synagogue 
on a regular basis) On (p 62) this sort of thing starts gain. Mr. Houdini to 

Mr. Strack: "You called me an atheist, and that I did not believe in 

~ Mr. Strack: "You said you had no religion." 

The climate here is clear. Houdini says he is Jewish and Strack accuses 
him of having no religion or being an atheist. After Strack made that 
statement Houdini replies, "That is not true, and mediums do take money. " 
Mr. Strack answers, "You cannot prove it." Then came what must have 
been quite a shock to the Reverend Strack. The record continues. Mr. 
Houdini (interposing): "I have a statement here, a sworn statement from 
one of my investigators showing where your wife took money from one of my 
investigators. I wish to incorporate that into the record. " The statement 
was then entered. The basic outline is this, one of Houdini 's investigators 
was given a reading by Mrs. Strack, an incorrect one at that. This reading 
cost the investigator the sum of $1.00 and it was paid. It was noted Mrs. 
Strack had an ordination certificate on the wall fi-om the "National 
Spiritualistic Association." Well I bet Mr. Strack loved that little stunt and I 
bet he never saw it coming. 

One former medium who was ordained by the same "National 
Spiritualistic Association" gave up her trumpet and gave public exposure of 
this organized fraud. The following is an extract from her affidavit which 
Houdini introduced during the hearings. Mrs. Benninghofen: "Knowing my 
work to be trickery, my dear mother on her death bed begged me to give up 
the work. After she passed away, it prayed on my mind so that for more than 
two years I did not have any peace until one night I said, "This is my last 
seance." When I heard of the work that Houdini was doing I came of my 
own fi-ee will and accord without any thought of compensation or offer 
being made to compensate me in any way. I am simply trying to make 
amends and will do so all the rest of my life, despite the fact that I have 
been threatened time and time again that my life would be in danger if I did 
not stop never the less, I shall keep on making amends." Threats, threats, 
threats — that is all these mediums know! Both bodily threats and 
blackmail, that is their style and the only way the fraud can continue is to 
create more fraud. They even threaten older women. No mediums are so 

big when confronted. 

During the hearings, Abraham Lincoln's beliefs are brought up. Houdini 
stated that Spiritualist were claiming Lincoln was a spiritualist and were 
using his name. Houdini wanted to introduce a letter from Lincoln's son 
disapproving the Spiritualist claims. Mr. Rathbone pointed out to Houdini 
that Abraham Lincoln had a premonition on his last day. 
Houdini came back with, "7 believe in premonitions absolutely, but not in 
Spiritualism. " Here is an interesting remark because it shows Houdini does 
have beliefs unlike the false claim of Spiritualist who claim he did not 
believe in anything and that he was lost and doomed to walk the halls of hell 
for all eternity. It should be a comedy skit on TV. What a laugh! I am going 
to show you a nonsense routine used by a medium. In reality it is dumb as a 
box of rocks but it is slick because it works and the believers don't even care 
they are so drunk on illusion. 

In leading up to this I will start on (p 29) with Houdini saying, "last night, 
I caught Mrs. Jane Coates and Mrs. Marcia ( The same Marcia who told 
Houdini he would not be alive in November and he wasn 't) taking money 
from me. Mrs. Marcia took $10.00 and Mrs. Coates took $2.00. " 
Shortly after that Rose Mackenberg (A Houdini Spy) gives her statement 
concerning her investigation. Mrs. Coates charged Rose $2.00 for a reading 
and gave her a lot of false information, such as children she did not have and 
the regular run around. Needless to say, when Mrs. Coates starts talking to 
the committee she tells an altogether different story of what happened during 
the reading. Rose continues on to tell what happened when she visited Mrs. 
Marcia, and the story becomes a bit more interesting. Perhaps that is 
because she charged a $10.00 fee and not a mere $2.00 for her services. Rose 
claims when she arrived, Mrs. Marcia was all upset over the "House Bill" 
Houdini was proposing at the Hearings. 

The next statements of Rose are ones that Lindsay Gresham claims were 
getting the hearings into deep water. On (p 32) the hearings continue as 
follows: Miss. Mackenberg Madam Marcia told me her charge and I asked 
her if she would not take less than n $10.00. She said $10.00 or nothing; in 
fact, $15.00 for written horoscopes and $10.00 for the other. She said a 
number of Senators were coming to her for readings; in fact, almost all the 
people in the White House believed in Spiritualism and that she was very 
much chagrined to think I was trying to reduce her fee from what she asked. 

While I was at Madam Coates, she also said Houdini was up against a 
stone wall. (Or underground system of fraud.—added by author) She said, 
"Why try to fight spiritualism when most of the Senators are interested in 
the subject. I have a number of Senators who visit me here and I know for a 
fact that there have been Spiritual Seances held at the White House with 
President Coolidge and his family, which proves that intercommunication 
with the dead is established." Then she mentioned the name of Senator 
Capper, saying his wife had died recently and that he attended Spiritualist 
Seances. She also mentioned senator Watson, Senator Dill, and Senator 
Fletcher whose wife is a medium and has often given seances. We can be 
sure some of these people were not happy their names were being tossed 
around. No matter who is lying the results of the law of cause and effect 
lead right back to Houdini because he launched this crusade and then all 
this information came out. Exposing people in Washington can be a big 
problem and apparently Houdini was trying to get proof that there were 
seances in the White House. 

Miss Mackenberg continues, "Then she, (Madam Coates) went on to say 
that she had done considerable lobbying in the Senate and had interviewed 
about 22 and 16 of them were entirely favorable towards Spiritualism and if 
Houdini knew that condition he would take different action." All of these 
mediums knew how much trouble Houdini was getting into and it is obvious 
that it is not a supernatural knowing. The statement, "if Houdini knew that 
condition he would take different action" shows this clearly. On (p 72) Mrs. 
Jane Coates begins her denial of Rose Mackenberg's statements. Her claim 
is that she does not take money for her readings — the $2.00 was a charge for 
her time. What a slick routine. Well that solves the problem or not. This is 
the kind of bold faced lies that some people in religion pull all the time. 
These people are incredible at how they operate like leeches attaching 
themselves to anything or anyone they want. Now watch this slight which 
Jane Coates uses. We know H. H. believed in premonition, not spiritualism. 
Mrs. Coates is a medium but on (p 73) she says, "I am a premonitionist." 
Sure she is! She gave up the title medium and took up the title 
premonitionist the moment she heard Houdini say he believed premonitions, 
not Spiritualism. Mrs. Coates goes on with a long denial about the statement 
concerning the White House as told by Rose Mackenberg. She also makes a 
very strange revelation about Rose's undercover work and especially her 
health if she keeps it up. 

Mrs. Coates claims that she knew Rose was an investigator for Houdini. 
She claims that she told Rose, "You are doing the work that is killing you. 
In your heart you are sick of the whole dirty job and if you don't stop it, you 
will not live 18 months." More threats. Rose did not die or stop. When I 
listen to this stupidity I think of what H. H. said, that he would not believe a 
medium under oath. Now some may not consider this a threat, but it is. It is 
a medium projecting the image of death in the mind of and around Houdini 's 
investigator. This is all part of the plan to wear down the strength of the 
fighter and to aid in an easier take down at the end. It is a war of both mind 
and muscle. The message is simple and bold and in fi-ont of the whole world 
to see because it is on record. 

These mediums are extremely bold. The wife of Senator Fletcher, as a 
medium came and took the stand for Spiritualism. This lady, however, 
reduced her defense to nothing in one statement on (p 51). Mrs. Fletcher 
claims she has been an "investigator" of Spiritualism for 35 five years and 
never met a dishonest medium. Even Doyle admits there are frauds and yet 
in 35 years of investigation, she never met one. Mrs. Fletcher could only 
have been at those hearings for one reason, influence, because she was a 
Senators wife. The lady had absolutely nothing intelligent to say. Houdini 
seemed to feel Mrs. Fletcher was just a nice lady who was fooled by all the 
trickery. But, I find it so hard to believe anyone with that many years of 
being a fraud could miss all that fraud. If you could get a true medium you 
would have to wade through countless numbers of frauds to find one. 

These mediums are trying to weave a beautiful picture of innocence for 
their religion while reducing Houdini to an atheist a Jew and infidel. This 
was all part of the plan. After all it's much easier for those mediums to 
justify the kill if he was just a Jew and an infidel and an atheist! 

On (p 91) Mrs. Marcia takes up her defense against Houdini. And again, 
we get the presence of threats. On (p 94) at the end of her testimony. 
Congressman Sol Bloom asked Mrs. Marcia, "Will this law effect you?" 
Mrs. Marcia, "That's what I am trying to find out, if this law does not effect 
me as a fortune teller or astrologist, why does he send a paid investigator 
into my home and brand me as a thief in this room?" Congressman Bloom: 
T do not think Houdini meant that." Mrs. Marcia" "I demand protection 
and if I do not get it, I will personally make him (Houdini) pay for it." 

On (p 124) through 131) are very interesting statements of Mrs. Marcia 
but I am not going to get into all that here. I am going to end this chapter 
with her own ending statements. Mrs. Marcia try's to present herself as an 
honest hardworking astrologer who does not employ trickery in her work. 
But, from the following statements, I don't know how anyone could take her 
seriously. This is how she ends her statement: Mrs. Marcia to Houdini: 
"Do I sell lucky charms? Houdini: "If you do I will catch you." Mrs. 
Marcia; "You will never catch me; no sir, I am as slick as you are, thank 
you." Through this whole process we see threats and a catch me if you can 
attitude. Mediums are mocking anyone who doesn't take their side. Each one 
seems to know Houdini is doomed, doomed, doomed! 

Bigelow in "Trial by Fire." Bigelow is picking actual police cuffs before he 
explodes into a ball of fire with the mound of gun powder under his hands 
and face 

Bigelow at Margery's grave notice the bottom picture Bigelow's reflection 
is in the stone! 

Houdini Stifl In Washington Chapter Five 

If you flnd it hard to understand Houdini 's personality in relationship to 
murder, his own words may give you a better understanding. However, first, 
let us examine some basic shielding tactics used by mediums. The way 
mediums continually escape being caught is by having passive investigators, 
blackmail and any other methods that work. When investigating mediums 
what are some of the rules? Never switch on the lights during a seance or 
interfere with the medium in anyway. Also if an ectoplasmic pseudopod 

emanates from the medium we are told never touch it because the medium 
could die. ( Ectoplasm is something that is suppose to ooze out of a medium 
and do things like ring Margery's bell box.) It is all a fake. At lest one test 
called it animal lung tissue. Of course no one would want to kill a medium 
from something they did so most people will not touch the so called 
ectoplasm but Houdini is not most people. On (p 63) we read, Mr. Houdini: 
"/ am a spokesman for a fund of $50,000 for proof of phenomena. The 
Journal of Abnormal Psychology selected professors of Harvard 
University and chose me to be on the committee. They did not select me for 
any intellectual attainments. They know that if in a seance any ectoplasm 
appears that I will grab it and have it analyzed. '* 

Some consider Houdini's approach rude but it is not when one considers 
how rude and fraudulent these mediums are. Houdini used common sense 
and logic. For instance, how much trouble is it to find out if a medium can 
really float a trumpet or make it speak? On (p 153-154) we really find out 
what mediums can and cannot do when faced with the test. Mrs. Grant: "I 
have been a medium for 40 years. I lived in this city 22 years and I have 
lived 29 years in Baltimore and I was 3 years at Newport News and 
practiced mediumship. We have a trumpet in my daughter's home. I feared 
she would get trumpet manifestations, but we bought the trumpet, sent for 
the trumpet and my daughter has a trumpet by the bed in her room, and we 
sleep room to room and the trumpet comes up and speaks names." Mr. Reid: 
"Is that so?" Mrs. Grant: "Yes." 

At this point, a trumpet was produced by Mr. Houdini and placed on the 
table with applause following. We continue with Mrs. Fox: "1 want to say 
that I am not a medium, but a Spiritualist, and 1 have had for the last 15 
years seances in my own home. 1 have had them in the dark and in the light 
and it is absolutely false for Mr. Houdini to say all mediums are fakes that is 
not true. ( Notice he says all not some mediums are fakes or in other words 
people who promote the super natural.) 

We continue on. Mr. Reid: Can you make this trumpet 

Mrs. Fox (interposing): "I am not a medium." 

Mr. Reid: "I want the ones to speak up who are going to make this trumpet 

Mrs. Grant: "You cannot do it in that way." 
Mrs. Fox: "You have to make your conditions." 

Mrs. Grant; "My Spiritualism means a great deal more to me than that 


Mr. Reid: "Is your daughter here?" 

Mrs. Grant: "Yes sir. She is no medium; she doesn't demonstrate." 

Mr. Reid: "Now, somebody said that they could make a trumpet float under 

conditions. I will appoint a special select committee under any conditions 

that you name so we can have a demonstration. Now we will let you pick 

your own committee and your own time and conditions." 

( What more fair offer could be made?) Next comes the monkey wrench in 

the works and a clever move by mediums. 

Mrs. Grant (interposing): "I do not see why the Spiritualist have to 
demonstrate when other denominations do not." Here is a problem with that. 
This is the so called New Revelation or Second Coming so why would 
mediums not take the challenge and prove to the world once and for all that 
their claims are true. There is no doubt there are many religious groups 
claiming the power of God who would never pass the test of truth! And thus 
ends the hope of all who sincerely wanted to see a trumpet float or hear one 
speak. The mediums had world wide attention and not one little event 
happened. We know now that second coming was nothing but hype from 
people trying to get things their way. 

The mediums were offered any conditions that they wanted and they 
rejected the idea. Why? It is because they know dam well they are frauds 
and don't dare when Houdini is there or will be anywhere they try to 
perform and deceive people. It is hard to believe all these groups can thrive 
all this time. 

Houdini brings up blackmail in the Senate Hearings and 1 want to say 
something about the subject. I caught a main stream Reverend using this 
method to try and hook someone on his religion. He lived about five miles 
from my house. I personally detest this practice and many minister use quilt 
to falsely sway people to support their corrupt crusades. More people 
should sue ministers who use it as a method of some type of spiritual 

On (p 10) a Mr. Gilbert has just finished his attack on Houdini about 
hassling fortune tellers, "Because it's all in fun." 

Houdini answers, "You are wrong in your statement. Pardon me and they 
say, woman, you have been intimate with a certain man. You are preventing 
blackmail. You are not stopping little children from enjoying themselves 
with innocent past time. " 

Again on (p 13) blackmail comes up. 

Mr. Houdini: "Is it not true of the different sheriffs, these fortune tellers 

come in and fix it? " 

Mr. Gilbert: "It is not true." 

Mr. Houdini: "With every circus I was with I found they fixed the town. " 

(Now Houdini is outing law enforcement. Can you see his enemy list 

expanding faster than Pinocchio's nose?) 

Mr. Reid: "You don't mean bribe public officials?" 

Mr. Houdini: "No, certainly not. But if you think blackmail legalized is all 

right, it is up to you. " 

Mr. Gilbert: "No, I don't think blackmail is all right." 

Mr. Reid: "Mr. Gilbert says innocent fun should not be stopped." 

Mr. Gilbert: "You have a bill that not only stops that, but it stops innocent 


Mr. Houdini: "I disagree with you, one of these mediums will say to a 
woman, "You have been intimate with some man, " and then proceed to 
blackmail her. " ( Black mail comes in all forms. Some ministers use this 
system just to get converts and they are low life's.) 
Mr. Reid: "New York is a bad city anyhow." 

Mr. Houdini: "I am talking about Washington." ( More friends in the 

Mr. Reid: "They don't do that here." 

Mr. Houdini: "They do that right herein this town." 

Many religions use some form of blackmail! 

As we follow this up on (p 30-31) we find Rose's statement concerning 
Mrs. Coates says, "She said, "I do not know weather he is going to marry 
you, but you have been intimate with him~in fact, quite intimate, almost as 
good as married." "I said I didn't quite understand what she meant and she 
said, "Well of course I do not believe in such relationships, but its quite in 
vogue at present time and the vibration and the spirit condition about me 
indicates that." Now if Rose was a dupe she would have agreed about the 
affair and then she would have the bite put on her. The mediums get info by 
knowing human nature and fishing for or by information given to them. I 
saw this as a child in the Baptist church although they would never call it 
spiritualism. They just called it love and then they would hold that 
information over people using the quilt trip and of course many seek these 
con artist for help and get forgiven by being good little puppets for their 
master. The dupe sees the medium as a spirit filled person when in fact the 

medium is a blackmailer who is far worse than any sex act itself. 

I read a saying once that said, "I bow to the God in everyone I kneel to 
none." My first encounter with fraudulent mediums is realizing as a child I 
was in a horrible Baptist Church with ministers that were complete 
incompetents who should have never been teaching spiritual matters. But 
we all know any fool can get a ministers position and many do. They teach 
you can't serve two masters but many do. You can have Jesus in your heart 
and a fraud in the pulpit. I did not realize these ministers as fraudulent 
mediums at the time but at age eight I realized they were idiots and I refused 
to ever go in that church again and I never did until years latter when I 
attended a wedding. While there I took one of there free pamphlets with a 
heading of "Friends of Israel." I was stunned. These were the people who 
taught me the Jews crucified Christ and turned their back on God and now 
they are friends. It was just a piece of propaganda that was really all about 
converting Jews which seemed to be an obsession in these so called 

Remember Mrs. Coates is the medium who claims to be a premonitionist 
and she certainly tries to take credit for knowledge for things not yet 
happened. On (p 76) (Senate Hearings), Mrs. Coates states, "I remarked to 
his ( Houdini's) decoy (Rose Mackenberg) that I felt sorry that a man who 
had such a wonderful career and record as a magician should allow him to 
end his career in this manner." How did she know his career was at an 
end? And what was his end? His end was death and she knew he was 
marked for death. There is no question how Mrs. Coates felt about Houdini. 

On (p 79) she is asked by Congressman Bloom, "Would you kindly tell 
me what city in the United states there is, that you would be satisfied to 
work in or continue under the regulations and laws of that city outside the 
District of Columbia.? Mrs. Coates replies, "Mr. Bloom, may I answer that 
by making this statement, that I consider we had no trouble in The District 
Columbia until Mr. Houdini entered in to find trouble for us. On (p 80) she 
uses more of her verbal deception and racist attitude and evades a question 
and pin points her true attitude. 

Mr. Hammer to Mrs. Coates: "You were bom in America?" 

Mrs. Coates: "Yes. Houdini says he was bom in Ohio of Jewish parentage." 

Mr. Hammer: "He told us quite frankly." 

Mrs. Coates: "Will you ask him if he still practices Judaism?" 

The idea of Houdini being a Jew was a big problem to mediums because 
they just could not see one exposing them. But any person from any religion 
who sees through fraud and exposes it is the right person. 

There are 168 pages of Senate Hearings testimony. This author does not 
presume to cover it all and is only picking out certain things that pertain to 
particular subject of Houdini 's death. The reader is invited to read the entire 
report if interested as there is so much there. 

Now let us continue on with Rose Mackenberg who examined over 300 
mediums for Houdini. On (p 138-139) she continued her testimony as 
follows: Miss Mackenberg: "In most of my investigations into the mediums 
and those who pretend to bring back the dead, I have found in talking to 
them that they always ask a number of questions and pretend not to notice 
the answers you give them and immediately act upon the information you 
give them." 

Mr. Reid: "So does everybody else, do they not?" 

Miss Mackenberg; "But they claim the spirit gives it to them and they go 
into these various trances. They apparently talk to the spirit in the room 
saying, "Yes spirit, wait a minute and I will tell them," and they mention a 
number of things and now they make a lucky guess." 

(Preachers always claim to be in touch with spirit but few are.) "In going to 
these various men mediums, during considerable experience, they always 
want the women to come into a dark room, and they insist on no one else 
being with you." 

Mr. Reid: "What has the trumpet to do with the dark room?" 

Miss Mackenberg: "They cannot do it in the light," in order to get the 

spirits back, they must have absolute darkness, without any interfering 


Mr Reid: Did they ever attempt anything immoral with you? 

Miss Mackenberg: "Yes, they have. I have had considerable experience with 


Think about what Rose is saying here and the danger in it. Houdini is 
willing to give the names of these ministers who tried sexual attempts with 
his investigator. I quote again from his opening statement: 
Mr. Reid: "Washington you, mean?" 

Mr. Houdini: "Washington, absolutely. Selling lucky charms. If you want 
sworn affidavits about some of the men degenerates here, I will be glad to let 
you have them. " 

This is explosive information that could very easily become a reason to kill 
someone. Houdini and Rose reversed the situation by using the mediums 
own methods. Instead of letting the mediums hold Roses fake sins over her 
head, they hung the sins of the mediums over their own heads. 

The investigators recorded all these situations and kept a file as evidence. 
If just a few of the male mediums were in danger of being exposed for 
sexual misconduct Houdini and his people could have been in danger. 
Anyone of those ministers could have killed Houdini but I am sure it was a 
group plan rather than any one individual. This was all far more dangerous 
than a bridge jump with handcuffs on or the Water Torture Cell. 

On (p 140) we continue with Rose Mackenbergs testimony. 
Mr. Reid: "What the committee would like to learn is if these experiences 
always accompany the people that claim to be Spiritualist?" 
Miss Mackenberg: "Always, I have never found it to be different. In fact, I 
would be glad to find a medium who would make a lucky guess." 
Mr. Reid: "I am talking about these horrible conditions. I do not care about 
their fooling them , but if they use spiritualism as a cloak to do these 
immoral things, of course, that is a matter for very prompt action and I am 
asking you if you have found that these things have always been associated 
with Spiritualist?" 

(Houdini also offered the names of the heads of Churches in Washington that 
are said to fondle women but they seem to only want to know if it happens 
but not who did it.) 

Continue with Miss Mackenberg: "You mean, when the conditions were 
such that there were men Spiritualist." 
Mr. Reid: "Yes." 

Miss Mackenburg: "Yes, in all these churches these men were spiritualist 
and the heads of churches. In fact, I can give you lots of names because we 
have them." 

Mr. Gilbert: "You do not quite catch what I think the Chairman wants to 
know and what I want to know. Is the effort to lead you into such 
immorality associated with spiritualism?" 

Miss Mackenberg: "Yes absolutely. They say that the spirit of your husband 
came back, and he comes to tell you to do whatever they say they want you 
to do." (That included sex in the seance room) 

There were , of course, things said but not recorded so we still will only get 
part of the picture even if we read every word of Hearings. Yet we know 

from what we do read one thing is for sure, there is a motive for fraudulent 
mediums to want Houdini silenced. 

The following is part of a question session Mr. Hammer is giving Houdini. 
It is quite clear about Houdini's belief or lack of belief in numerology and at 
the end is a real surprise remark about Houdini's wife which Houdini left 
unchallenged and 1 always have been curious why. Houdini was not the type 
to let certain remarks slide by and I think this is one, that as a rule, Houdini 
would have definitely challenged him and I believe there is a reason why he 
did not. 

Mr. Hammer: "Have you any association with the moves and theaters in 
connection with this association of American Magicians?" 
Mr. Houdini: "Just what do you mean?" 

Mr. Hammer: "Have you any relation and has your association anything to 

do with the movie association and theater association of America?" These 

questions I am asking you were not inspired by any Spiritualist. 

Mr. Houdini: "You did not get them out of the air. Why are you asking me 

those particular irrelevant questions? They haven't anything to do with the 

bill and are not the kind of questions that a man in your position would ask. 

They were given to you by some rabid medium and I am surprised you 

should ask me the same. You did not make them up yourself I am surprised 

you should ask me those questions. You did not get them out of your head." 

Mr. Hammer: "That is all right as to where I got them, but I did not get them 

from any Spiritualist and I did not get them from divine power either, 

because I do not claim that God makes revelations to me and I am sure the 

devil did not inspire them. There is a system of 3's and 7's in numerology. 

Did you have anything to do with numerology? Do you know anything 

about it? The figure 3, you know, as numerology says, represents a serpent." 

Mr. Houdini: "I do not believe in that truck-in numerology." 

Mr. Hammer: "You do not believe in that any more than you do in astrology 

or fortune telling or soothsaying." 

Mr. Houdini: "All in the same junk basket." 

Mr. Hammer: "You do not know, then, what numerology teaches." 

Mr. Houdini: "I know what it teaches." 

Mr. Hammer: "What 7 means?" 

Mr. Houdini; "Seven days in the week." 

Mr. Hammer; "And, what 3 means and what the significance of 33 is? 
There is none of that in any of your performances? Its all really tricks and 
slight of hand?" 

Mr. Houdini: "Yes, sir." 

Mr. Hammer: "I am very much obliged to you." 

And now comes a line from a Mr. Reid out of no where with no explanation 
that Houdini did not challenge. 

Houdini replies to Mr. hammer and says, "You are very welcome. I am very 
happily married, 52 years of age, well to do and very proud — 
Mr. Reid (interposing): "And very proud of your wife, or try to make us 
think so." 

Why the hell did this guy put Bess down? What is he trying to say? Those 
are words that Houdini could have got into a fist fight over and it would not 
have been his first one. For some strange reason Houdini left that remark 
unchallenged. Perhaps one thing would lead to another. It does look like 
and I have no doubt Houdini had an affair or even affairs and if so we can be 
sure the mediums knew about it. 

The entire hearings are punctuated with the real air that these leeches 
breathe. This is what a Mr. Scharbau had to say on (p 148). After a long 
defense of Spiritualism he says, "I am a Jew like Houdini but I was 
reformed." "Reformed?" And on (p 155) a Mr. Charles William Meyers 
who claims to work as a photo-static operator for the United States Treasury 
ends his defense of Spiritualism this way. "In the beginning, 3000 years 
ago or 2,000, Judas betrayed Christ. He was a Jew, and I want to say 
that this bill is being put through by two, - well, you can use your 
opinion, I am not making assertions." 

What a jackass. He says he is not making any assertions. He is saying the 
bill is being pushed by "two Jews and compared them to Judas" and he is 
very clear. Maurice Zoloto Hollywood Biographer had an interesting take 
on Houdini but first I will but quote Harold Kellock in his book on Houdini 
from 1928. "The leading organs in the vaudeville world, in their reviews 
and editorial comments, noted that Houdini 's activities had swung far 
beyond the range of public entertainer." Kellock however did not finish 
what Zoloto said. Here is the statement by Zoloto: "He (Houdini) was not 
an entertainer like, Thurston, Keller, Blackstone or Cardini. He was playing 
Prometheus. He was playing Christ. He was playing allegorical charades in 
which he died and was resurrected." Some saw Houdini as a Judas type 
others as a savior type. What no writer has never pointed out is that 
Houdini was far more a savior type than a Judas. Try as they may with 
every means or threats these Spiritualist could not covert Houdini. Think of 
this. What if Houdini was weak and bowed to threats and converted to 

Spiritualism? Millions of people thought Houdini was just wonderful. How 
many would have converted to spiritualism if Houdini said it was true? 
Hundreds or even thousands? It would have been many and by not being 
weak and not giving in Houdini saved many from that fraud. Even if he did 
not convert but just said a medium was real many would believe. No 
wonder he was upset with the Margery case. 

Modem day spiritualism as the public knows it has rights because it is 
considered a religion but bank robbers who don't hurt anyone have more 
honor than these mediums. They don't hide behind any pretense like God or 
Spirit. If caught they take the fall. We all know what bank robbery is all 
about but millions do not understand what spiritualism is about. It is about 
liars and quacks who sort of befriend you in the role of a spirit filled person 
while they spiritually rape you. 

The Houdini bust at the family plot in Machpelah Cemetery in Cypress 
hills on the Queens-Brooklyn border. 

Still In The Worst Town 
Houdini Ever Struck! 
Chapter Six 

At this point I would like to go all the way back to the beginning of the 
hearings and present testimony of Houdini 's friend and researcher, Remigius 
Weiss of Philadelphia, PA. Mr. Weiss claims in all his research, he has not 
found one genuine medium. His statements sound more like Houdini than 
Houdini. A statement most curious is found on (p 21 :) 
Mr. McLeod: "Is Spiritualism a creed or a religion?" 

Mr. Weiss: "The spiritualist claim their philosophy is new, scientific, 
philosophic, harmonious religion. It is in fact from far back in the dark 
times before civilization—in the cave mans time. It is just the same as when 

we have a growing appendix. It may have been of some use to an animal 
being. When it becomes diseased, it is of no use to a human being. What do 
we do? We cut it out. So please lets cut out this so-called religion, this 
physical epidemic. Let us cut it out, this commercialized superstition, this 
morbid physical appendix." By a strange twist of fate and a little human 
help, it was Houdini's appendix that was cut out after it was torn from it's 
base by a flurry of blows from a person we know little about who may have 
played a part knowingly or not knowing that opened an opportunity for 
mediums to strike Houdini at a time when his strength was down. It is my 
belief that Houdini's belief that, "When you remove all the fraud what is 
left must be the truth," got him killed. 

Photo of Bigelow preparing to be laced in the Doors of Death. He has 
three minuets to escape or the door of knives will spring shut on him. 

The Last Days Chapter Seven 

I think it is obvious that the climate of the last days is one of extreme hate 
by the mediums. They are not so Christ like when caught with their pants 
down in full light. Mediums rob in the name of God. So many people have 
been let down by people with the title Reverend. They point to the good 
work they do and ignore all the people who they harm. This was Spiritual 
warfare in full bloom. Spv-ritual-ism w ith no rules, sweeping aside all those 
who dare fight the mediumistic fraud ring that existed then and exist here 
now. There are those in main stream religion who have used the same 
cowardly tactics as mediums. Mediums have to work by cold reading 
people, fishing and looking up information but a priest or minister who 
hears confession doesn't have to do anything but listen and the rotten 

ones hold that over people in a form of psychological warfare. Do priests 
and ministers keep their sacred oath? No not all and I know that for a fact. 
One sure way to make sure information is not leaked is to cut out the 
medium, mediator or priest and go directly to God because no information 
you give your God will leak back to your priest or minister. When a minister 
says they know something is true because it is in the Bible they really think 
it is true. The Catholic church admitted in one encyclopedia that they have 
no "Original Bible" manuscripts to compare with. So they are long on faith 
and short on facts. A ministers hiding place is to say, well Jesus tells me it 
is true but in many cases you would be better of trusting your own God 
given intuition than theirs. I wondered when an Assembly of God minister 
told my friend he would not perform an interracial marriage, if he imagined 
Jesus was on his side? St Peter doesn't have the keys of Heaven and Hell, 
you do and everything else is illusion. No one needs a key to go to hell 
people do it every day. And the Church has Jesus himself saying "The 
kingdom of Heaven is within." No one has the keys to your Heaven only 
you do." 

This great underground system of fraud Houdini found goes right from 
Spiritualism to the halls of Christianity itself Your world is about what you 
believe. Ministers and priest are just beggars living on the kindness of others 
so they owe it to man, women and God to bring the truth and to discard 
falsehood when it is found. I love the essence of many religions but their 
quest for world domination of all other religions is a mental illness. 

Lindsay Gresham says, "Houdini was not above threatening a blackmail 
type of operation to keep Margery and her champions from retaliating too 
fiercely. He possessed, apparently, information about her that she was not 
eager to have him circulate." That information might be the photographic 
evidence that Houdini had and which may have been Margery in her 
seduction role with a member or members of the seance or even committee 
members. One attorney claimed that in a sitting with Margery she pulled 
his hand between her legs and tried to get him to masturbate her right there 
in the dark seance room. Houdini could have had so much on her but it 
would not likely come out in a committee report. Sex played a big part in 
Spiritualism of that day and I don't doubt in secret that prostitution is still 
possible. This is where mediums claim to materialize a human like a 
departed wife so the husband can have sex with them. 

If you want to follow up on this subject read "The Secret Life Of 
Houdini" by Bill Kalush & Larry Sloman. On (p 471) we learn there is a 
claim that the Crandon's had between one and sixteen children in their care 
and either one, some or all went missing. This is not something that I know 
much about but what caught my attention is that Houdini seems to be the 
one blamed for circulating this information. There is probably more scandal 
but again this is sufficient for people to want Houdini gone! Houdini played 
hard ball with mediums and even with the educated elite and the thugs who 
run fake religion without fear. He had the kind of nerve most people wish 
they could have. 

It must have been so delightful to have Houdini around never knowing if 
he was in your seance parlor in disguise ready to expose. Gresham describes 
it this way, "On this final vaudeville tour, Houdini was preceded by his own 
undercover squad of psychic investigators, among the Julia Sawyer. Having 
gotten a line on one of the boldest "direct voice" trumpet mediums or 
materializing psychics in a town, Houdini was all set to appear in his 
favorite disguise— a bent, doddering old man, with white wig and beard, 
who would beg piteously in quavering voice for some word from hid dead 
son. When the money had been paid and the medium produced a message or 
a shade purporting to be the mythical son, Houdini would pull out his 
powerful flashlight, focus it on the medium with the trumpet to his lips or 
luminous gauze draped over his shoulders, and denounce him in ringing 
tones. He usually took a detective with him on these raids. 

When the lights were turned on and the medium remonstrated with boorish 
skeptic, Houdini would instantly whip off his wig and beard, and thunder, 
"It is I Houdini, 1 hereby accuse you of fraud and deception, I've got you 
dead to rights." Reporters had a fine time with these exposures and Houdini 
found they were much better publicity stunts than even his under water box 
or his upside down jacket (Straitjacket). There in lies two great problems. 
The exposures and Houdini getting publicity. Some of these mediums even 
claim Houdini became famous by attacking them but that is just an easy lie 
to prove. The fact is publicity is what Houdini brought to the table. His 
work was not some college report read mostly by investigators but rather 
Houdini laid it out in headlines for the average person to see and understand. 
That along with his great fame made him a huge threat to a big time money 
making operation that fed large numbers of people. His whole charge ahead 
attitude with the belief that when you remove all the fraud what is left must 

be truth tied to the fact he did not know what retreat meant could have only 
been stopped by his death and he died just like and just when mediums said 
he would. Mediums want to take credit for Houdini's death and I want 
to give it to them. 

On (p 370) of Kellocks book we read, "The assembled psychics protested 
severally the genuineness of their spirits and claimed for them a sort of 
religious extra-territoriality. A number of respectable minions of the civil 
service testified that they derived much comfort from their communing with 
the spooks at the end of the daily seven hour grind in Uncle Sam's bureaus." 
I love the seven hour grind. When I started my wife and I worked eight or 
nine hours a day then drove up to two hours and set up the show, performed 
the show, packed it back up, drove home and got two hours of sleep then got 
up and went back to work for many years and it wasn't a big deal. Seven 
hours, now that's a deal. 

In "The Man Who Talked With The Dead," Spraggett sums up the 
feelings of mediums, especially concerning the Margery case, this way: 
"Whatever the absolute truth about the incident may be, a secret known, 
presumably, only to Margery, Houdini and Jim, (Jim is Houdini's assistant 
and right hand man) all, alas, beyond interviewing" Spiritualist believe 
Houdini had been caught red handed trying to frame a medium for his own 
greater glory. This did nothing to endear him to people who had him at the 
top of their hate list. However the end result is Margery was a fraud no 
matter who put the ruler in her box. The police use deceptive practices all 
the time and probably would not solve so many cases if they did not. They 
can lie to people. They do sting operations. They can even use false 
evidence to get a person to confess as long as they don't use that evidence in 

Mediums who don't clean up their own ranks have no right to complain 
about Houdini or any other debunker. Instead of supporting the principal 
that frauds in their ranks should be purged, or better still, launching the clean 
up themselves, the Spiritualist simply screamed bloody murder about 
religious persecution and accused Houdini, son of a Rabbi, of being on the 
pay of the Catholics. The prevailing Spiritualist philosophy appeared to be, 
my medium, right or wrong. Mediums caught red-handed in any fraud were 
acclaimed martyrs by their followers. The most that the majority of 
Spiritualist seemed willing to concede was that, occasionally, when a true 

medium found her powers weakening, she might, through human frailty, 
resort to a little trickery. The notion of wholesale, cold blooded mediumistic 
fraud, however, is rejected out of hand. That just doesn't remotely sound 
honest or spiritual. I repeat, if anyone could find a true medium they would 
have to wade through a sea of countless numbers of frauds to find a real one. 
Mediums will resort to anything to convince people they are religious and 
moral. How can someone who claims to be seekers of truth reject truth 
when it is laid out so clear showing that it is all deception? 1 do not 
understand the defense of Margery. She was a Spiritualist harlot using sex to 
make converts to this New Revelation or so called Second Coming! At least 
a street hooker just wants your money not your soul, and they never go so 
low to pretend it is from God. When they go to court they own it because 
they have the spine and backbone that Modem Spiritualism needs. Denial is 
the creed of Spiritualism and many mainstream churches but it doesn't 
matter because truth always seeps out. 

Can you imagine Margery producing ectoplasm from her vagina as proof 
of spirit return? Margery did and it is quite a deception to throw at 
investigators. It is difficult to think clear when you are seeing a women's 
vagina. Dr. Crandon, a surgeon and Margery's husband, was suspected of 
giving Margery an operation that accounted for Margery's ability at sneaking 
objects into the seance room. She would appear almost if not completely 
nude to prove that she was not sneaking anything by the investigators but 
she refused to be examined by a doctor. One of Margery's strong stunts for a 
while was producing fingerprints on wax in a darkened seance room. She 
claimed the prints were her dead brothers. Not long after Houdini's death, 
these prints were proven not to be her brother's but her dentist's who taught 
her how to get the finger prints on to the wax. This was a tremendous blow 
to the Margery crusade. Mediums say Houdini never actually busted her but 
that is not true. Houdini felt her leg moving under the table to ring the bell 
box. His leg was touching hers and he wore bandages all day so his leg 
would be more sensitive to her movements. Houdini wanted to expose her 
right then and there but he was asked to hold off for a committee report or 
some such thing. But He got Margery and he got her good. 

Thomas Tietze, author of "Margery" says that Margery produced baby 
foot prints in wax, also. The disgusting part is how she did it. The 
investigators believe that it was impossible for Margery to get a whole baby 
by them or even keep it quiet. So, the belief is that her surgeon husband 

supplied her with just the feet to use. This was certainly not the only time 
Margery was believed to have used dead body parts as proof of spirit return. 
In a 1959 Horizon article Francis Russell says, "A friend of mine who was 
an English instructor at Harvard, attended several of the Lime Street sittings. 
He had just published his first novel, "Rivers End." What he experienced in 
the seance room first convinced him, and he gave Margery a copy of his 
book in which he had written, "I have seen, and I have believed." "In the 
course of further sittings, however, he came to change his opinion and in the 
end, very much regretted that he had given Margery the inscribed book. "At 
one seance, he told me Margery produced an ectoplasmic hand and we were 
asked to feel it. As soon as I touched it I knew it was the hand of a dead 
person. It was small, either a child or a woman's but dead! I understood 
then. Dr. Crandon was a surgeon, and he could sneak such things in and out 
of a hospital." 

I think Doyle is very clear in this matter. In his own account from "Edge 
Of Unknown," (p 15) it says, "Houdini laid out his plans and was so sure 
of success that before going to Boston he wrote a letter, which I saw, to a 
mutual friend in London announcing that he was about to expose Margery. 
He would have done it, too, had it not been for an interposition which was 
miraculous. I think well enough of Houdini to hope that he would have held 
his hand if he could have realized the ruin and disgrace which his "success" 
would have brought to his victims." That is a very interesting and a telling 
confession by Doyle and that is exactly what it is, a confession of realizing 
the existence of fraud and in his mind the halting of the exposure of it. That 
means there was something to expose or H. H. could not have done it. And 
the line "which his success would." Success means he would have exposed 
the medium or could have because Houdini would find the trick. Then Doyle 
says think of the disgrace it would bring. Again if there is no fraud there is 
no disgrace. Doyle had to know and not care for some reason but I have met 
many in main stream religion who don't give a dam about truth any more 
than Doyle does. His whole position to Houdini was my mediums are true 
but when faced with their fraud it is, "so what," just keep quiet. 

On (p 17) of Doyle's book he is talking about Walter Margery's spirit 
guide saying, "Remember, Houdini, you won't live forever, some day 
you've got to die." Is this an after death threat? It sounds like when you get 
in the spirit world with me, Houdini, I'll fix you good. Imagine Margery 
blaming all her ill thoughts and inferiorities on her dead brother, Walter! 

On (p 23) of Doyle's book, there is something else of interest about 
Houdini's death that occurred just one week before. As Doyle tells it, 
"Other curious points, which may possibly come from within the range of 
coincidence, are connected with the death of Houdini. For example, there 
was a Mr. Grysel, who had shared in Houdini's views as to spiritualism. He 
wrote thus to my friend: Mr. Frikell, "Something happened to me in my 
room on Sunday night, October 24'^ 1926, 10:58 

Houdini had given me a picture of himself which 1 had framed and hung on 
the wall. At the above time and date, the picture fell to the ground. I know 
Houdini will die. To this Mr. Frikell adds: "As I think back on my own 
experience I am inclined to agree maybe there is indeed something to 
psychic phenomena after all." 

Somehow everyone connected to the world of Spiritualism knows it is 
time for Houdini to die. So here is another person believing in the psychic 
but this has nothing to do with the psychic. It is apparent Houdini is in 
danger and the word is out that he is going to be killed. It would be easy to 
take the picture falling as a sign in the conditions that were unfolding. 

Walter B. Gibson felt if Doyle had read his book on "Houdini's Escapes & 
Magic" that he would have realized how his escape work was performed 
and never written things about Houdini having special powers. I don't 
agree. If Doyle would not believe Houdini himself who always denied these 
powers why would he believe Gibson? Doyle clearly states in his book, 
"Edge of The Unknown" that he is "familiar with trap doors, fake boxes and 
many of the tricks but knows they were not Houdini's real methods." I do 
not believe Doyle was a dupe. At some point he had to realize the deception 
and somehow justified it by believing the cause was good and right. Doyle 
was caught up in the dream and the power that people in many religions get 
caught up in. He wanted Houdini to give in and to tap into Houdini's power 
through fame. Nothing would change Doyle's mind. 

Melbourne Christopher tells an interesting story in, "Mediums, Mystics 
and the Occult." which just shows how death orientated some people are. It 
seems Mr. Christopher had a meeting with one V. Yalta Parma, curator of 
rare books at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. Christopher was 
in search of certain rare material and Mr. Parma told him it would take a 
while to find and that he would get in touch with him at some later date. He 
also informed Christopher that he believed in the occult world and made 

contact with the spirit world with his Ouija Board. Another crack pot 
working in the government system. 

Melbourne Christopher received the following unbelievable letter. How do 
these whack jobs get these good government jobs? 

"Dear Mr. Christopher, 

You have probably been wondering why you have not heard from 
me, but the fact is I have been unable to outline any program that would be 
at all constructive 

From your conversation with me, you will understand why I would not wish 
to have any part in such an experiment as you are contemplating and hope 
will plan to give it up." 

The experiment Christopher had in mind was to change a goat into a 
handsome young man. The letter continues. 

"Probably you noticed in this morning's Washington Post and probably in 
the Baltimore papers the account of the murder of an elderly women 
resulting from such dabbling in medieval superstitions, as that which you are 
proposing. Some such tragedy is the inevitable result of dabbling in matters, 
the laws of which are unknown. Sincerely, V. Yalta Parma, Curator, Rare 
Book Collection." 

In other words this elderly women died looking into "Hidden Things" or the 
"Occult." She was murdered she did not die from occult powers! 

Another very interesting book is "The Psychic Mafia" as told by Lamar 
Keene. It was written by Allen Spraggett with introduction by Reverend 
William V. Rauscher. This was one of the greatest exposures of our time. 
Lamar Keene spent 13 years as a fraudulent medium and knew the inner 
works. He was warned not to use names or he would be killed. Mediums 
tried but failed to kill him and again I wish some investigators would take up 
the challenge to "Solve" this case. It is interesting to note that Lamar Keene 
came to the same conclusion in our day as Houdini did in the twenties 
concerning how organized Spiritualistic Fraud works. On ( p 16) in the 
"Psychic Mafia" it states: "The how, what and, most important, the why of 
my career as a phony medium is what this book is all about. The inner 
workings of all my wonders are unveiled in these pages. In addition, and 
more significant, are the revelations- sure to sound unbelievable to some- 
about a network of organized mediumistic espionage in the United States: a 
psychic mafia that takes in millions of dollars a year." 

Some have said to me if Houdini was murdered why didn't Bess put up a 
fight? I don't know she didn't try but fear is a big factor in all of this, 
Sophie Rosenblatt tried and got immediate pressure to go away. Keep in 
mind, Houdini was a fighter. He was told to stop. He was warned with 
threats of death but he just would not stop nor would he be swayed to 
Spiritualism under any conditions. Bess saw all of this and it had to effect 
her and perhaps that is why she drank. That is an awful pressure to live 
under. Houdini had no fear about stepping forward to take on the psychic 
mafia. But when Houdini became a corpse everyone got the message. If it 
all looked like an accident what could Bess do? 

I was very impressed with Sophie Rosenblatt's belief in Houdini's murder 
because it was based on her first hand realization of just how deeply these 
mediums hated Houdini and how far they would go to create the perfect 
accident and with their knowledge of deception, they had all they needed to 
pull it off and then act totally innocent and like they are the victims. 

From sixteen on I was raised in the art by people who understood how 
much Houdini was hated and who hated Houdini and for what. When you 
listen to people of that day the true vibration of this hostility comes through 
very clear to see. Even the exact nature of Houdini's death comes into 
question. On (p) 380 of Kellocks book on Houdini Doyle is quoted as 
saying, "There were some remarkable points about his death. The 
immediate cause would seem to have been a ruptured appendix, though how 
or why it was ruptured is not disclosed. The story about a blow from a 
student is, I believe, apocryphal." Also on (p230) of "Houdini & Doyle" by 
Ernst, Doyle explains a little more: "My remark about the alleged cause 
being probably "apocryphal' is due to the fact that as a doctor I should not 
think it possible that gangrene of the appendix could result from an outside 
blow of the fist." (My personal doctor disagrees with that statement) Doyle 
continues; "If so, one would expect many of our boxers to die in that way, 
since such blows are common. I have no doubt at all that Houdini died of 
what the doctors said, but what the cause of gangrene was is quite another 
matter." One important question is did mediums get that student to punch 

Sophie Rosenblatt said Houdini's appendix was on the left and that few 
people knew it but it was known and the information got out. Someone with 
that knowledge would know how to strike Houdini. That is what Sophie 

told me in 1976 on the 50 anniversary of Houdini's death. At first even the 
surgeon did not suspect appendix. What a perfect set up. The student could 
claim he never meant to hit the appendix and that he knew nothing about 
Houdini's system. 

On (p 176) of "A Mind In Chains," A more in depth look is presented, 
"Despite the temptation to attribute his destiny to the gods and to view his 
madness as a prelude to his destruction by them, and inquiring mind may 
justly seek an answer to the question: Why did Houdini die? In the spirit of 
scientific reality it will be said that he died of streptococcal peritonitis cause 
by the rupture of a diseased appendix. Others will cite the blows aimed at 
the abdomen some nine days before his death when, aside from the broken 
ankle, he was apparently in perfect help. Yet a computerized search of 
medical literature, as well as random inquiries among experienced surgeons, 
reveals not a single instance of acute appendicitis resulting from physical 
injury. Although the English literature contains reports of three instances of 
disease of appendix following blunt trauma to the abdomen, in none of them 
was a bona fide appendicitis. Whatever inflammatory process existed was 
apparently secondary to the physical damage to the appendix, namely its 
being torn from its base." 

During the 1930's a Work Progress Administration Commission in 
Washington concluded, "That there is no such entity as traumatic 
appendicitis," an opinion that evidently still holds ( Dr Meyers book was 
published in 1976.) "On the other hand, trauma has been known to cause 
rupture of the large intestine, and indeed the preoperative diagnosis by 
Houdini's Surgeon, Dr. Charles S. Kennedy, had been a traumatic rupture of 
the sigmoid colon. At the time of surgery, however, the colon showed no 
signs of perforation, while the appendix was not only ruptured by laying on 
the left side. Abdominal trauma has also been cited as a cause of peritonitis 
when it has resulted in the rupture of an already diseased organ or abscess. 
That raises the possibility that Houdini had been afflicted with an inflamed 
appendix before he had been punched in the abdomen by Mr. Gordon 
Whitehead. Although there is no record of his having symptoms referable 
to such a condition prior to the blow, one observer. Dr. William D. Tait, 
Professor of Psychology at McGill, who escorted Houdini to the lecture 
platform on the afternoon of the nineteenth, noted that at the conclusion of 
his talk, Houdini sat down immediately "as he was suffering great pain from 
his fractured ankle." Conceivably it was his abdomen that was causing his 

distress and not the ankle, which had been fractured eight days earlier." 

This account appeared in the November first issue of the Montreal Daily 
Star under the heading: "Houdini Looked 111 at lecture," a news paper 
reporter claimed to have seen "the stamp of death on his continence." 

The Detroit News of November 27, 1966, in entitled, "Houdini 's Last 
Act," summed it up this way. "Three days before coming to Detroit in 1926, 
Houdini finished his run in Montreal by letting by letting a group of McGill 
University medical students slug him in the stomach. One of the blows 
ruptured his appendix. Peritonitis set in rapidly and a feat that was to amaze 
his attending physician latter." This article is a little different because it 
suggest Houdini let a group of students hit him. 

On (p 247) of "The Untold Story," Melbourne Christopher states, "Early 
reports claimed Houdini was attacked in the McGill building after his 
lecture." However a professor from McGill denied the reports. Christopher 
also tells us that "Doubt about the accidental nature of Houdini's death were 
dispelled by the investigation of the New York life insurance Company." 
This proves that doubts bout his death were raised from the beginning. The 
insurance company findings means nothing to me since sometimes 
settlement are made for other reasons than the truth. 

In "The Shores Of Light" by Edmund Wilson, the Houdini story starts this 
way, "The true story of Houdini's death is told for the first time, apparently, 
in a new biography, "Houdini, His Life Story" by Harold Kellock from the 
recollections of Beatrice Houdini." Now I will not doubt the truthfulness of 
this account but I will ask the question: Were we told all the story? Not 
then, and not even now. In the version by Bess, we learn that a third student 
came in and the talk turned to physical endurance. From there it went into 
the punches. This book did not even reveal the name of the student. The 
book was out in 1928 yet we had to wait until 1969 For Christopher's 
version to fill in some more of the details. We learned the discussion was 
the Bible and so many people have been hurt and killed over that book. The 
fact is Houdini was beaten with a force, so much so that it tore his appendix 
from its base. The entire event was very hostile and deceptive. 

In the book, "Houdini, His Life and Art," by the Amazing Randi and Bert 
Randolph Sugar, we learn on (p 25) that for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, "the 
center for all his belief was the New Testament with Christ and his teachings 

as it's inspiration." The Doyle's were Christian Spiritualist. I am sure they 
did not like it when Houdini said their only hiding place was behind the 
Bible. The subject is so powerful that people like Bess or Houdini's brother 
Hardeen probably wanted nothing to do with it. To read and understand 
Bible stories within reason is one thing but, to take those teachings into the 
seance room and commit fraud is something else. 

In quoting Doyle from his own book, "The History Of Spiritualism, Vol. 
2," "No account of physical mediumship would be complete which did not 
allude to the remarkable results obtained by Margery, the name adopted for 
public purposes by Mrs. Crandon, the beautiful and gifted wife of one of the 
first surgeons of Boston. This Lady showed psychic powers some years ago, 
and the author was instrumental in calling attention of the scientific 
American Committee to her case. By doing so he most unwillingly exposed 
her to much trouble and worry which were borne with extraordinary patience 
by her husband and herself. It is difficult to say which was the more 
annoying: Houdini, the conjurer, with his preposterous theories of fraud, 
or such "scientific" sitters as Professor McDougall of Harvard, who, after 
fifty sittings and signing as many papers at the end of each sitting to endorse 
the wonders recorded, was still unable to give any definite judgment, and 
contended himself with vague innuendoes." 

Perhaps Professor McDougall was being kind or perhaps Margery had 
something on him or he just didn't know. And Doyle's statement of 
Houdini's (preposterous theories) again Doyle was totally fooled or just a 
wide awake lying fraud. According to Dr. Meyer Professor McDougall 
thought the so called ectoplasm Margery produced was some kind of animal 
lung tissue. This opinion was shared by eminent physiologist Professor 
Walter B. Cannon and Dr. H. W. Rand, associate Professor of Zoology, both 
of Harvard. It was also noted that Dr. Crandon had easy access to animal 
laboratories in several Boston hospitals. 

Now I want to glide through just a few events of Houdini's last days. 
Keep in mind the idea of the spirit world or world of Irauds put a hex on 
Houdini. He is living under conditions that has him looking over his 

On (p 376) of the aforementioned work of Kellock, the ending begins like 
this, "A series of mishaps soon began toward the close of their engagement 
in Providence, Rhode Island. Early in October, Mrs. Houdini was stricken 

with ptomaine poisoning." So Bess becomes ill. On (p 238) of "the Untold 
story," we leam Houdini's old kidney injury sometimes gives him pain. On 
(p 239) we leam Houdini was not alert and did not have much sleep since 
Bess became ill. On (p 240) it is now October 11^'' and we leam Houdini 
missed his night's sleep and as he was preparing to be lowered into the water 
torture cell, he broke his ankle. Fulton Oursler received a message which 
read: "The Waters are dark for Houdini. He thinks he has only broken his 
ankle, but his day of attacking Spiritualism are over." 

On (p 242) of "the Untold Story," we leam that on October 22°^ a college 
student has stmck Houdini with four blows to the mid section. (P 243) tells 
us the very next day Houdini left Bess a note signed H. H. Fall Guy. That is 
the only time we know he ever signed anything fall guy. I believe he knew 
that this was it. He went on his last tour believing mediums were going to 
kill him and at this point he knows it is time. On October 25, 1926, the 
Detroit News reported, "Houdini Goes to Hospital." And again on October 
27, the news paper reports, "Houdini Passes a Good Night." On October 28, 
the report is "Houdini's Condition is Still Critical." Then on October 29, 
"Houdini Fails, Crisis Is Near." On October 30, "Houdini Grave Hope Is 
Still Held." On October 31, "Houdini Still Clings To Life." On Monday, 
November 1, the news heading reads, "Houdini Guards Magic In Death." 
The Detroit Free Press of that Monday reads, "Death Rings Down Curtain 
on Houdini." The Boston Post on that day expressed it this way, "Wizard 
Houdini is Dead. Blows delivered by student said to be the cause." In Old 
Grace Hospital on October 31, 1926 Houdini passed into the great beyond in 
room 401 atl:26 PM. One Detroit paper said Houdini's last words were, 
"Robert Ingersoll." One reporter wrote, "unable at last, to escape the " 
Call of Death." During these days in Grace Hospital Houdini was given two 
injections of an experimental dmg made in a Detroit Laboratory to check 
peritonitis. No more details were given by his doctors! 

Mediums used Houdini's own methods of deception to kill him. It was 
done in full view and mediums admitted it all the way in many ways 
including directly. Walter Gibson always told me that what I was looking 
for in the Houdini story was in front of us in full view and the trick is to see 
it. He said as soon as you take one step forward you went by it. Margery 
said if Houdini exposed her that her friends would beat him up and her spirit 
guide Walter said Houdini would die. Houdini exposed Margery, Houdini 
was beaten up and Houdini did die and to me it is almost as simple as that. 

Color photos of The Doors of Death 

Beyond The Grave Chapter Eight 

Melbourne Christopher says that two thousand people jammed into the 

Elks Club for the two hour ritual. Even at the end, Houdini drew a standing 
room only audience. They performed what is called "The Broken Wand 
Ceremony" at the service. The symbolic meaning was, "breaking the 
magicians powers." His powers were now over. Here comes an interesting 
comment. A Rabbi said, "He (Houdini) possessed a wondrous power which 
he never understood and which he never revealed to anyone in life," This 
ceremony was never used before, it was special for Houdini. The symbol is 
that the wondrous power he possessed was now gone. The man so hated by 
magicians of his day was over and they held a ritual to say that or in occult 
terms to assure that. Very often a shaman or mystic will act out a ritual of 
what they want to happen to help bring it about. Rabbi Bernard Drachman 
said in his eulogy. Houdini was laid to rest with his mothers letters as a 
pillow. ( Walter B. Gibson always felt there might be something else in that 
pillow.) Houdini did like to say, "My Mind is The key That Sets Me Fee." 
Is his mind just on his mothers letters or something else? Houdini left 
behind a lot of mystery. 

In his book Magician Among The spirits Houdini says, "It has been 
necessary for the United States government to assign special men to break 
up a band of fake census enumerators, which , going from neighborhood to 
neighborhood, secure complete family histories which are later sold to 
mediums for large sums of money. " Today mediums have the computer and 
all sorts of programs to use to get over on the marks they pick out to put 
under their non spiritual spell. 

As I said Houdini stated you could communicate with the dead by reading 
their written works. I will quote as he speaks about mediums. "It is not up 
us to prove that the mediums are dishonest, it is for them to prove that they 
are honest. They have made a statement, the most serious statement in 
recent times, for it effects the welfare, the mental attitude and means a 
complete revolution of age-old beliefs and customs of the world. If there is 
anything to Spiritualism then the world should know it. If there is nothing to 
it, if it is, as it appears, built on a flimsy frame work of misdirection, then 
too the universe must be told. There is too much at stake for a flighty 
passing, for unsubstantiated truths. " I have often thought of making a 
"Houdini Medal" that can be used in magic but also have a little humor. It 
would be the "Saint Houdini" medal for mediums to guide them through 
their illusionary spirit world and protect them from themselves. 

Houdini said of mediums "their only hiding place is behind the Bible and 
so many with the dime a dozen title Reverend do hide behind that book to do 
their dirty work. What most hide is the fact the Bible is the most revised and 
edited book in the world and there are thousands of mistakes. "Most versions 
of the Bible are sponsored by one or more Christian denominations. Thus, 
translators tend to have similar belief systems. Some denominations have 
long standing prejudices against other religions, sexual minorities, etc. This 
sometimes affects the accuracy of their translation." 
http ://www.religioustolerance. org/ chr bibl .htm What is counterfeit religion? 
What is a fraudulent medium or mediator between you and the spiritual 
world? It is a person who knowingly brings a false message from the other 
side, the Bible, Heaven or God himself or herself! That is a fraudulent 
medium regardless of their religious affiliation or belief The churches are 
full of them and Houdini knew that and he was not fooled by them one bit. 
Houdinis Deceptive Statement on Religion 

The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America 
guarantees Americans the freedom of religion but in 1926 Houdini tried to 
take that right away. In early 1926, Houdini supported an anti-fortune 
telling bill that came before Congress and it failed to pass. Houdini's 
Statement "This is positively no attack upon a religion . . . I respect every 
genuine believer in Spiritualism or any other religion as long as it does not 
conflict with the laws of the country or the laws of humanity. 
This statement is constructed to minimize the anger of people in religion and 
to confuse those who just don't get it. 

Now let's tear the statement apart because at face value it is not entirely 
truthful. "This is no attack on religion." That is an outright deception by 
an ocular illusionist because that is exactly what it is, an attack on a religion 
protected by our laws. So there is one falsehood. When Houdini said 
supernatural was fraud that was an attack on any religion based on the 
supernatural and he made no exemptions. Houdini says, "I respect every 
genuine believer in spiritualism or any other religion." Now that could 
be true but it doesn't mean he respects the believer's religion. While H. H. 
is all nice and respectful of their religion he is out exposing mediums in 
public causing them public embarrassment, loss of business and money and 
lost of a good reputation. So there is a great divide between what he says 
about the true believer and their religion itself. 

We continue his statement, "or any other religion as long as it doesn't 
conflict with the laws of the country or the laws of humanity." Well the 
law was clearly on the side of mediums yet Houdini still tried to pass a bill 

to deny them their freedom of religion. So to say he believes in freedom of 
religion for mediums is simply not true. 

And if using no fraud was the fact that determines if a religion can be free in 
America the whole Christian Church would be in trouble as she has engaged 
in "some" acts of fraud for two thousand years or so if the church is really 
that old. 

Also what did Houdini mean "laws of humanity"? Is this his out clause? 
He can say well you are fine under American law but not the laws of 
humanity? Anyone who takes his statement face value I believe is missing 
the point because that is what the dupes are suppose to believe not those 

I am looking at things through the view of a reincamationist and that is 
like one being brought up with his back to the east looking to the west and 
then having to sit with his back to the west looking at the east. In time more 
will be discovered about Houdini's core beliefs. I have missing papers of 
my own. My AD papers are missing as far as the craft is concerned until I 
am gone. (My actual thoughts on communication) Houdini's search was the 
search of millions and millions. What is the truth? He amassed a huge 
library on the subject. He certainly found something in all that research. 
Where is it? What is it? He was so famous and such a powerful mystery 
unto himself many religions would be worried if he said they were fraud. 
Since he believed in reincarnation he must be viewed in that context 
when trying to understand what he would or would not believe. 

Until recently religion controlled much of what went on in this country. 
There were many problems. There was a lot of forced religion and brain 
washing in the name of Jesus. A lot of out of control self appointed 
ministers of the Lord were controlling people by fear along the path and in 
the end we find they have no idea what they are talking about. People who 
believe in reincarnation have been discriminated against and treated like less 
than a Christian because so-called fake and frustrated holy men made it a 
heresy. Because millions were deceived into believing they spoke for god, it 
became a common belief that it was heresy. Many, not all religions engage 
in continual fraud to keep their secrets that show their fraud. Houdini spoke 
of an underground system of fraud. He knew how wide spread it was and I 
believe that it goes right up into some main stream churches. The language 
of the church is the language of a long gone by state, not of the soul. Jesus a 
humble man is given the "Stately King Status" and off with your heads if 

you don't believe it. Every knee shall bend or off with your heads or to the 
fiery pit. It is the fi-ame work of the state that turned Jesus into a god of 
their image. To clean him up a bit from a common man speaking a common 
language so he fit with the upper crust of state power. 

Jesus claimed no earthly kingdom but men of power claimed it for him. 
They tried to do his job for him and history shows us how that worked out. 
Now that the veil of secrecy is being pull off the bride of Christ many are 
loosing their balance as the great illusion dissipates. They took a beautiful 
spiritual story and changed it to give themselves the powers of a god. There 
are two stories here. The real story of Jesus and the story of Jesus as told to 
us by the church. The one that reads passages like, "We preach a 
stumbling block to the Jews." They are aptly named, "People of the book. 
I would rather. People of the spirit. I know the Jewish Houdini understood 
all of this and more. Pressure for a variety of reasons ahs blocked the real 
Houdini from emerging in his own life story. If I were weak I would be 
standing in line with some Houdini author saying , "Yes sir I will go along 
with the party line so the image of Houdini can be what you want to make it, 
instead of what it really is." But I am not weak and there is nothing they 
can do or say to change my course. I am not at all done. There is still a 
lot to come out! 

Years ago a minister said if your ship starts out just a few degrees off when 
it gets across the sea it will be way of course. I have adjusted that course 
away from the fake ministers course to the course of one who understand 
the reincamationist view point. Looking through that window produces a 
whole new picture. When I was quite young I read a piece in The Gifford 
Lectures on how to look through the window of the past to be on the same 
wave length (or thought patterns) and to have a clear understanding of a 
persons thoughts or knowledge that have long since passed on. In Houdini 's 
case he left or we have enough information to get the idea. Church is based 
of the supernatural. He said supernatural was fraud. Church says Aaron 
changing a staff to a snake was a miracle, Houdini says it is a trick and 
explains it. I really don't care one way or another it has no effect on my 
liberation. But Houdini has the right to be heard and his voice was cut off 
fHty? Because of the huge impact he would have had in that day and 
even today. This viewpoint must be seen against the backdrop of the time 
Houdini was in and it shows why much was shaved off his history. Not even 
biographers of the day or most reporters wanted to deal with anything like 

this. It was just too much trouble. 

PoHce investigators give homicide victims voice after death all the time so 
it certainly is possible with scientific means and I also believe it is possible 
through intuition to get the right take on Harry Houdini. Houdini once said 
that he did not think it would profit us to tear aside the veil and that in due 
time it would be lifted and with Milton we would see the bright countenance 
of truth. We are in Houdini 's due time right now. I am positive it will have 
an impact on the Fundamentalist Hell Fire Hounds of Hog-Hollow who 
say all the manna is for them not you, "unless" you convert to their illusion 
that they call their religion. They never realize millions of people receive 
manna from heaven for their soul everyday without converting. For them it 
is soul food and they do not have to stoop over to pick it off the ground like 
some fungus to eat and receive a physical artificial effect, because for others 
manna flows directly into their souls as all spiritual or soul food does! 

1 don't believe in their artificially created Christ that I have personally 
seen in many Churches. These groups yell the loudest about truth but want 
no part of it unless it fits into what they dictate should be said. This is where 
Houdini left off, at the gates of main stream religions that uses deceit. It is 
the only next natural step and how many steps he actually took is blocked 
from our view to a great extent. I have tried to make myself clear in my 
papers. It is my belief that Houdini 's lifetime of research has been reduced 
to a few acceptable quotes like, "I believe in God." I believe he had much 
more to say and mediums through every foul tactic along with help from 
others have shaved off the best part of Houdini. This is not about what some 
want Houdini to believe. It is about what he actually believed. It doesn't 
mean I agree with him nor do I consider that important. I do not believe 
anyone should say all supernatural or all things psychic are fraud. That 
closes all doors and I think possibilities of any true discoveries. But 
regardless of Houdini 's views, his years of research should be pieced 
together and heard. Suppressing anyone's research is foul and it is done a lot 
when it deals with religions. My beliefs are only based in part on Houdini. 
It was my study of religions and their sfrongly united methods and similar 
methods of fraud that fully convinced me that Houdini 's truth has been 

Strange Friends 

I think that the unusual relationship between some magicians and 
fraudulent mediums is something that certainly raises questions about 

Houdini's hate list. Before we get to the subject of spiritualism Houdini had 
his own home grown hate list right in the world of magic. Many famous 
magicians of the day had terrible things to say about Houdini behind the 
scenes. Of course in public he is treated like a star because the name 
Houdini is golden and sells. Walter Gibson suggests Houdini had no 
elegance, class or even rudimentary refinement. He remained a bad 
mannered child. This coming from someone inside the world of magic where 
snotty, arrogant insulting magicians are thought of highly and where copy 
artist and others can operate with respect and fanfare so it is one sided at 

Magician John Mulholland said he liked Houdini but many hated him. 
Dante the Magician (Harry Jansen) goes off on Houdini in a piece he wrote 
suggesting Spiritualist became innocent victims of Houdini's wrath. 
Innocent victims? What a load! These mediums use good people who are 
trying to find truth or spiritual rest and Dante calls mediums the victims. 
More magicians than 1 ever could have dreamed seem to be sympathetic to 
the spiritualist even when they know that the medium is fraud. It is not to 
the world of magic's credit to have many experts in deception acting fooled 
or befriending fi-audulent performers such as mediums. Robert Nelson said, 
"Houdini was just as fraudulent and deceitful in his work, as those 
Spiritualist he sought to expose. So the stage magician is on the same level 
as some medium or psychic who cons old people out of all their money in 
the name of spirit? That is idiotic! 

Houdini was a theatrical performer in an art that specializes in deception 
for entertainment. Mediums specialize in cheating to screw some innocent 
person. This is the kind of idiotic reasoning that helps mediums and other 
religious con men all over the world. It also comes from a type of person 
who might not have cared if something foul did happen to Houdini. When 
you really study all the hate in the world of magic for Houdini one has to 
wonder did Houdini what have in his missing files some magicians would 
not want out? We do know according to his lawyer he had personal material 
on magicians as well as mediums. It is said most of the Magic Masters did 
not like Houdini. So there is a whole world other than spiritualist who hated 
Houdini and who had ties with the most fraudulent of mediums. 

It is said that magician Howard Thurston had some belief in spiritualism. 
That I have no problem with. What does however make me wonder about 

Thurston is that he believed that the medium Eusapia Palladino had some 
psychic ability even though she admitted she used trickery every chance she 
got. This I can't understand. Can a magician of the highest stature like 
Thurston be so fooled? Thurston also seems to be friends with Dr. Crandon 
(Margery's husband) and Doyle who were both sworn enemies of Houdini's. 
Was Margery being coached by any of the magicians who she befriended? 
Houdini said the following about Eusapia Palladino, "She cheated at 
Cambridge, and she cheated in New York and yet each time she was caught 
cheating the Spiritualist upheld her, excused her, and forgave her. Truly 
their logic sometimes borders on the humorous." 

Magician Harry Kellar seemed to believe that a medium Mr. Eglinton 
actually levitated. He rejected the idea spirits did it but accepted the physical 
reality of the event. This event happened in the dark. Harry Kellar was 
experienced at exposing fraudulent mediums and yet this event seemed to 
convince him. It is hard for me to believe that anything done in the dark 
could be accepted as real or without trickery. Notice that when most other 
magicians expose mediums they are not hailed as trouble makers by other 
magicians as Houdini was. When mediums got rid of H. H. they got rid of a 
problem for plenty of other people besides spiritualist. This hate festival for 
Harry reminds me of when Walter B. Gibson slipped when talking about 
magicians saying that many magicians ripped Bess off after Houdini died. 
Either not paying her money she was owed or people getting possessions of 
Houdini's because she could be taken advantage of When I pressed Walter 
he got nervous and changed the subject. When Houdini was gone many 
were relieved and took advantage. 

History is fiill of proof that very intelligent and even well educated people 
are fooled by religion. Spiritualism, the occult or hidden things all the time. 
Their teachings of finding the truth or telling the truth as a rule doesn't apply 
to any truth they do not wish to hear. At this point the person who has the 
actual truth becomes the so called bad guy. One thing about this guy 
Houdini that some masters of old called ignorant was that he was not fooled 
with cheap sleazy trickery while some of the so called educated masters 
were and some of them come off as, "dumb as a box of rocks." Mediums 
used the magician's knowledge to convince people they had special powers 
and fleece them for money and or power. That was their act. Magicians and 
mediums mingle together like related arts. Magicians perform magic like 
Houdini including exposing fraudulent mediums. That was their act and yet 

Houdini was the bad guy out of all of them. This really could be why he left 
that note for Bess which was signed H. H. Fall Guy. Another group of 
people who have a revolving door as busy as a door on a house of ill repute 
is some clergy. No one probably knows the numbers on how many main 
stream clergy have visited mediums and kept it secret from their flocks and I 
think that is a real deceitful practice for that group of people. We also 
probably have no numbers of how many are completely fooled. There 
probably is not much chance of mediums outing their clients and eat into 
their own profits but it would be an interesting list especially those ministers 
who preach against Spiritualism and yet dabble in it. Then these same 
pastors would go back and teach their poisoned doctrines warning people 
about the evil in other religions To wish your neighbor to go to hell because 
they are not in your religion is not natural or supernatural it is unnatural and 

Another view of Bigelow in the gas chamber escape. This is one of three 
models. After the new and refined model designed by Norms wife Janet was 
finished this model was destroyed which sometimes I do when I work in 
threes for some escapes. 

The End That Never Ends Chapter Nine 

This all seems to be a never ending story. Every few years new information 
comes out on Houdini. Recently information came out about Houdini's 
affairs with women. There was talk of blackmail while Houdini was alive 
and then after his death when Beatrice and Arthur Ford held a seance for 
Houdini. It well may be this affair information was being used as a threat or 
blackmail at some point. The story of Houdini is not going away from us in 
time, it is coming to us and there is so much more to know. Mediums and 
some bom again Christianity have a common link. They shut their eyes to 
anything they object to if it doesn't fit their story line no matter what it 
might be. These people cannot say to me what they could have said to 
Houdini, that is, "You don't understand you Jew." But I do understand 
because I lived it in the Baptist Church and the Church of Christ long 
enough to know that the ministers were as deceptive with words as any 
medium in modem Spiritualism. I remember I asked one minister, "You 
preach all these other religions are wrong, have you studied other religions?" 
The answer was no but the Lord tells me. When I left this church the 
minister said we cannot wish you, "God Speed" and right then I knew 
leaving was the right choice. This so called Christian could not wish me 
God Speed because I was no longer a Christian. Apr 08, 2012 • An expression of good will when 
addressing someone, typically someone about to go on a journey or a daring endeavor. I 
would expect a real Christian could wish anyone "good will" When 
climbers climb Everest and Buddhist monks say a blessing and you don't 
have to be a Buddhist to get blessed. Catholic priest have given blessings to 
hard core bikers. It is interesting that many non Christians act more like 
Christians than some Christians do. 

Houdini explained it this way in the Senate Hearings: "A shut eye is one 

who believes everything any medium tells him or her. (I sat with many in 
church as a kid) An open eye is one who is a trickster and knows it all. A 
good many people believe in it, I respect them. I take my hat off to the 
"Shut Eyes" but those who are open-eyed and know they are tricksters are 
ones I am attacking." Some forms of Christianity are breeding grounds for 
shut eyes and many of the con artist ministers know it. I remember one 
Baptist minister in my city who was also a magician. He knew I doubted 
many of the things I was taught. He actually had the nerve to say, "Well 
God is not exactly what we taught you." That minister and many like him 
should be banished from the clergy by their own flocks. Many of these 
people called Reverend are nothing more than self deluded actors using the 
term God and hiding behind their Bible to defraud people with their so 
called religion. They never think or care about all the people they harm 
spiritually or psychological. Spiritualism is a part of these type religions and 
these so called ministers just believe what they want to believe and don't 
give a dam about truth just like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 

Joseph Rinn said, "The charge I made that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was an 
easy mark for tricksters was proved shortly after his return to England from 
his United States tour. The editor of a prominent London news paper, John 
Bull, asserted in its issue of October 20, 1923, that Doyle had been tricked 
by R T. Selbit, the magician, into believing that a seance given by him was 
genuine." "Sir Arthur would not admit the truth, and olfered twenty-five 
pounds to have the statement proved by another seance. After another 
seance was given by Selbit to the same persons who had been at the previous 
seance, including Doyle, Doyle could find no flaws to criticize, he paid 
Selbit the twenty-five pounds. A pamphlet was then issued by Selbit, 
explaining how he tricked Doyle, and containing a photo static copy of 
Doyle's check. 1 still have a copy of the pamphlet Selbit sent me." This 
was 1923 and in 1922 lady Doyle gave Houdini a seance so this is all in the 
time period Doyle and Houdini dealt with each other and Doyle just closed 
his eyes to any truth. 

At the time of Houdini 's death he was being sued by mediums for a lot of 
money. I don't believe mediums could have won but sometimes the courts 
do outrageous things. This I have taken from "A Mind In Chains." "The 
leader of the Mission of Love on Dearborn Street in Chicago filed a libel 
suit against Houdini, charging him with harassing his spirits, which he 
claimed were no longer as communicative as they had once been." It would 

seem to me the first thing this leader would have to do in court is prove there 
were any spirits to communicate with and that is the whole problem with 
Spiritualism, lack of any proof. Would any medium dare to try to scam the 
judge with Houdini in the room? I doubt it. None dared to try at the Senate 

How I would love to be able to read of another encounter with Margery 
and Houdini. Melbourne Christopher tells a story about Margery and a new 
device which Houdini wanted a chance to expose. Christopher describes it 
this way. "She, Margery was wired, hands, feet, and neck in a glass-sided 
cabinet which looked somewhat like an over sized phone booth." When 
Houdini sought to have another go at Margery Dr. Crandon stated that it 
would be of no value he would just be amusement for them. Amusement? I 
would say Margery's new wire and glass cabinet trick would be the 
amusement. These liars in the name of spirit try to make Houdini seem 
irrelevant and dismiss him. So many clergy in religion try this method! 

Over the years I have noticed peoples reaction to Houdini and some are so 
unusual. There is a legend that Houdini has a lost vault with records of 
mediums and others in it. I am not going to go into all that here except for a 
reaction that I experienced. I was talking to a past president and present 
president of a large magic society about the possibility of this vault. The 
president said "Mr. Bigelow if Houdini had a vault what makes you think we 
want to find it?" As a magician and the head of a very large magical 
organization I thought either I would hear there is no such vault or we really 
would like to find it if there is one. I have always wondered if that was some 
subconscious answer that not even he understood or was he aware Houdini 
could have had files on magicians that many would not want made public? 
There are so many reactions and plenty of times I have been told not to look 
into that by some and to keep it going by others. 

In 1922 Houdini released a film called "The Man from Beyond" and some 
would have seen this as blaspheme and even today this would be objected to 
by many. I know religious people who would never let their children see 
this movie all over one line in it. On the last page of the script it reads, "their 
personal beliefs are of no importance, since the great teachers of the search, 
Zoroaster down to Moses and Christ, those who have made civilization 
possible, have taught immortality and progression of the soul- 
reincarnation. " The idea Christ taught reincarnation would send shrills up 

the spines of many in religion that I have met and anger many more 

It is not a strange beUef for an occultist like Houdini but it was not a 
subject for the masses in 1922. It is my belief that this was Houdini 's true 
belief Walter Gibson said Houdini went around everywhere talking about 
reincarnation and was upset because the press would not print what he said. 
It was what he said about reincarnation they did not like although Gibson did 
not tell me exactly what the words were. Houdini's wife Bess also said H. H. 
complained about the press not printing what he said. The subject of this 
movie could give an idea why some people backed away from Houdini yet 
people like Doyle an occultist himself loved the movie. This subject is 
another book. 

Houdini said mediums would celebrate and have a holiday when he died. 
And so, to all appearances, it was over and fraudulent mediums could carry 
on. But being able to look at it now all these years later we can see Houdini's 
spirit has effected so many people and many magicians follow him into 
exposure of mediums. I have not tried to prove Houdini was murdered in 
this document but I have tried to prove there is circumstantial evidence. 
There is a suspected group of people. There is a more than enough motive 
and certainly the means to have had Houdini killed. We know some of the 
things Houdini did and he knew all he did which was much more than we 
know. If he says fraudulent mediums were going to kill him I believe him. 
He should know best. Houdini was very secretive and even historians who 
knew Houdini and his assistants or Bess probably did not get all the 
information because some, even the people around him did not know. Let's 
take Bess, were there secrets? Would Houdini tell Bess things that could 
make people threaten to kill her? I say no. He also would not go home and 
tell her things like 1 just stole Harry Blackstone's trunk. In Kellocks book 
on Houdini (p 280) we read, "He (Houdini) was known as a non mixer, not 
because he was either surly or proud, but because he was always to busy to 
play about much with his fellow performers. Even his most constant 
business associates knew virtually nothing about his personal affairs." 
During Houdini's war with mediums Houdini hired Amedeo Vacca to work 
in the area of spiritualism so secret that not even Houdini's brother Hardeen 
or his wife Beatrice knew what Amedeo was doing. So do I believe there are 
more Houdini secrets? Yes I do. 


'wrtnhfr (Ereattons Npuib 
p.®. Sox 0804 littJfburg.JHa. 01420 


Harry Houdini (above) 
spent his lite escaping locks, 
boxes, and water-torture 
cells. Quihisdeattiwas 
ailegeoy mae mundane: 
He is said to Have 
succumbed !o streptococcal 
peritonitis caused by a 
ruptured appendix. 

This arg acceoted expla- 
nation, however, has recently 
been disputed by fellow 
magician Normar 6igelow. 
Blgeiow teaas an entourage 
of escaoe arnsis and nagi- 
cians deterrruned to prove 
that Houdini was the victim ol 
foul play. Bigelow's overrid- 
ing tiypothesis: Houdint s 
murder was planned by the 
many angered spirit n^iums 
ti6 exposed as irauds. 

HouCim's appendix. Bige- 
lew points out, ruptured 
alter he was atiacxed by a 
nodical student at McGilt 
University. And it's entirely 
fioEsible. adds Sigelow 
that Ifie student acted at the 
request of psychics who 

may have been his (tiends. 

Once Houdini arrived 
at Grace Hospiial. n Detrat. 
Bigelow adds, docofs tried 
fo ease his discombrt wiSi 
an exoerimenial serum. But 
they refused to divijioe the 
nature ot ttie serum', he says, 
speculating trial "poison 
may r^ave been involved as a 
lime helping hand irom 
spiriiland," Finally, Sigetow 
contends, the appendix may 
have been ruptured not by 
the blows of the medical 
student Ciut by the surgeons 
Ireaiing Houdini in Oetfoil. 

"There is no doubt in 
my mind thai there was a 
cover-up,' says Bigelow, "and 
that somehow, Houdini was 
muraered upon the com- 
mand of Irauduleni rrwdiums 
When tt\e truth comes out. 
itwil' prove Houdini's claim 
thai Tiediums will even 
corrmii murder lo stay in 
business,'— Steven Castle 

"(•jerything unknowri is 

— Cornelius Taotus 

A group d scienitsis has 
recently urged the European 
Space Agency to colonize 
Mars, making the red planet 
mar's next great mission 
in space. Toward that end, an 
English lord and an organiza- 
iKxi called Argo Venture will 
s mulate a Martian cobny 
righi here on Earth About 30 
colonisls tfom Europe and 
Norih America will reside 'n 
huts off tfie coast of England, 
explains i-ord Michael Voung, 
of Daftington; and when 
t.ley step outside, they will 
perlotm ihe same sort of 
tasks they'd be expected to 
perform on Mars. 

*rtxjng, a sociDlogisi hopes 
thai the simulated colony 
will help delemiine Ihe social 
and potticai condlkxis best 
suited to Wars, '"We want 
to find the proper balance ot 
sexes; whether there shoulo 
bechiWrm: ihe right mix 
of personalities; what author- 
ity should be invested tn 
whom and by what nghl; and 
v/ra\ steps should be taken 
in Ihe beginning to reduce the 
risk ol wars on the new 
planet," he says. 

Along with Ihe social 
experiment, Young adds, will 

be a biological experiment lo 
find out whether bubble 
chambers simuising the 
Ivla/liar atmosphere cah Oe 
modified by the introduction 
of oxygen-producing algae 
from Aniarclica 

"II vegetation grows m the 
chamDers."tiesays, "it 
may mean we'll be able lo 
create a new Martian eco- 
spnere in which the propor- 
tion of oxygen on the planet 
could Ce raised to sustatn 
human Hie " 

Vbung's proiecl is endOTBecJ 
by (ofmer astronaut Russell 
Schweickart. rxiw energy, 
commissioner of California 
and a member ot Argo 
Venture Allhoiigh the Martian 
naDitat is just one of the 
organization's concerns, he 
notes, "It js certainly not 

Argo Venture hopes to 
establish a cdony on Mars 
during Ihe early pari of 
the twenty-firsi century 

—Rob MacGrega 
and Trish Janeshutz 

"There is considersbl^ evi- 
dence that great emp/ies and 
civilizations hive been un- 
done not by barbarian invad- 
ers but 0/ climatic char^ge" 
—1977 CIA report 

1985 Omni article on "Death Blow" the Houdini Murder Theory 

Reincarnation The Real Houdini Chapter Ten 

To those who said Houdini never made any contact, I say, each time some 
young magician becomes a student of Houdini and does a great act or bust a 
medium the spirit of Houdini is "felt" in some form. There are countless 
stories, records and exposures as an ever present reminder of how much 
fraud we are surrounded by each day of our lives. And most important we 
are reminded that the spirit of "that fight" must go on for some and does not 
stop at the door of death. Of course the spirit must get past misleading 
statements "Like, "There was only one Houdini and there will never be 
another" Houdini had another view he called it Reincarnation. It is a tricky 
subject and had to bring him into conflict with any who thought him devil 
possessed and not Christian in a then very Christian Nation. The subject 
should be talked about because it is part of Houdini's belief system. Some 
people are mislead into thinking Houdini did not believe in reincarnation and 
many just never even knew. 

Years ago when I spend a whole after noon with Walter Gibson he not only 
told of Houdini's belief in reincarnation but stated that he had research 
material in his files of two people believed Houdini believed he had been in 
former lives. Once a friend Mickey Sharkey showed me an article about 
Masons who were magicians and freely talked about Houdini's belief in 
reincarnation. Why was this left from his history? Very simply most people 
in those days did not say much that would rile up the "Onward Christian 
Soldiers" crew especially if it wasn't their fight and the pure bigotry by 
religious people which still exist. You know those that proclaim their 
religious views for all the world to hear and become champions for freedom 
but then want to control your views based on their warped religious views. 

The following is pure Houdini from the Literary Digest November 20, 
1926: "In an interview Houdini gave the Free Press some time ago, he 
reiterated his ideas on the possibility of life after death, and we read on: he 
had faith that death meant a return to earth in another human form. Houdini 
said, "There is something to the theory of reincarnation. Just how much, I 
cannot say, to nor do I believe it will greatly profit us to seek tear aside the 
veil. In due time it shall be lifted and we shall see with Milton, the bright 
countenance of truth. I firmly believe, and this belief is based in 
investigation, observation and, in a measure personal experience that 
somehow sometime we return in another human form to carry on, as it were. 

through another life time, perhaps through many succeeding life times, until 
some strange destiny is worked out to its ultimate solution. I cannot believe 
the good that is in us ever dies, that the great things we do are ever wasted, 
or that we — those of us who have developed individual traits of character or 
accomplish distinctive works for good —shall perish utterly or fail to reap the 
reward of good things well done here on earth. Possibly the great 
intelligence that rules the universe plan beyond our ken knows what lives 
shall be most essential to the well being of the world and sends them back to 
finish what they have begun and have been forced to lay down before the 
beckoning fmger of the dark angel." He rejects that people utterly perish as 
the church taught. This is the best of Houdini and the soul of Houdini left 
out of all those history books. The most curious statement is this one, " nor 
do I believe it will greatly profit us to seek tear aside the veil. This is from 
a man who just spent years of time, money and research to do just that, 
"tear aside the veil!" 

^^The greatest illusion of all is about Houdini not by Houdini. " 

My mother Dorothy Bigelow in 1922. She suffered years under fraudulent 
main stream pastors. My mother visited my brother David in his hospital 
room the night before he died at age 25. Let any medium tell me my brothers 
last words to my mother. 

The first manuscript written about the murder theory called Death Blow. 
Published just for magicians and escape artist only in 1983 



















413 Washington St., Boston, Mass. 





2 BIG SHOWS - 2:30 P.M. Sl 7;30 P.M. 

ALL SEATS RESERVED; $6.50, $5.50, $4.50 

LITR.E JACK HORNER JOKE SHOP, 169 Tremont St., Boston ■ 482-0219 

MMTopolitac Show Ptiiit - 97 Wtst DwJham St, BcxtoD, Maia. 

Some time ago someone suggested I did not have enough 
knowledge to write what I have written about Houdini and 
Margery. They suggested I take this Morris Pratt two and one half 
year course in Modem Spiritualism which was interesting but still 
regards many fraudulent mediums as if they were true mediums. I 
am not a medium! 


by Kevin Menard 
Escape arllsl and consultant 
Norman BIgelow has been 
summoned to the Mass. 
Superior Court to serve as an 
expert witness In lock picking. 
BIgelow who consulted with 
David Copperfield in his es- 
cape from a building being de- 
molished was summoned to 
court on Feb. 15. 1995. 

It seems that an Inmate 
wants to wear a religious cru- 
cirix, llie Slicrirr says no since 
the shcrirr believes Die cruclHx 
could be used to pick open Uie 
handcurrs Uiey use In lall. 

Norman says he has seen 
many lock picking demonstra- 
tions and doubts tlie possibili- 
ty that handcuffs could be 
opened in that manner. 

BIgelow started his career In 
19G2 and appeared wtlh Bill 
Blxby in Tlic Magic Man", per- 
forming his now famous "Door 
of Death." 



PO Bnx 60'. 

FlTCillUlitC:, MASS. OUZO 

Bun iirr lirrtlii! tniiiimillilcil. m ll^: 


o„,/,r WEDNCSnAV Till- 15Lh 

2 ■ 00 nvfocl: 1" the "^'^^.'^ . -oo>>. «».! Irani riffv lr> d.-y thereafter, unul Ihr nr(..iii 

hcrcumflc' nnmed a heard hy tald Court, la giue emilciicc of what ynu k'loir rclaunf, I- n„ „t.i<.,-< 

„f IHJUNCTION ihcn and ihcrr lo be heard and tried hfi'iicc'f 

4HiV^B* E:T AL Pl^,„„ff , „.„l 

SHERIFF FLVNK ET AI. Dffeml.i-1 .""d 

hilhr WORCESTER SUPERIOR Cauri. Do<tcl Huwher 95-0375 

yon arc I'lrlhfr rrqiiirfd to hnrg iinlh ynii 
1. H.intcutrs nnrl/or sb.iclile! 


I thon 

2. 3 copies of your resumo/curr ieulum 
articles publiKhed by yoti 

3. Any Lools, itpms, mndplc or exhibits «hich would 
1 dcmrjns L ration rclat 

used by the Sheriff 
nd any profEFFional 

Hcrcnt Inil mil, nj ,t»w"//,ii 

Iliilfiiiil ritchliurg 
A.D.I9 9^ 

I relative lo lock -pick iriR h.indcuflB 
dr/a<ill mirier ihc pcnalHf! in the law m ih;ii 

Joliii A. DosU 

■"■'niTiiniry AI l-iw 

I'.O, IJnxinri 
•lltlilii.ri' MA OM^O 


(Sfifi) T.2-'i5nn 

September 2, 1982 

Mr. Norman Bigelow 
80 Arlington St. 
Pitburg, Mass 01420 

Dear Mr. Bigelow: 

Coming October 31st is not only Halloween, but also 
"National Magic Day" and marks the death of HOUDINI on that 
day in 1926. This year GEOFFREY HANSEN plans to organize 
the single most publicized "Seance" in history. We will 
have a media event in San Francisco, from a location yet 
to be named. A number of celebrities will be present along 
with all the major news media. 

Since you are a leading personality in the world of 
magic, GEOFFREY has naturally asked that you become part 
of this event; We will provide you with a phone number in 
San Francisco, along with the exact time for you to phone. 
In effect; we will be holding a world-wide seance to reach 
not only HOUDINI, but also DANTE and HIKITA TENKO. Will 
you be part of this event? 

If you are interested; our outlets will be informed of 
your international stature in the world of magic, and I am 
sure you will receive considerable publicity. On the night 
of October 31 you will sit in your home or office and attempt 
to communicate "in spirit" with HOUDINI, DANTE, and TENKO. 
At the specified time you will then phone San Francisco, USA 
to the headquarters (and waiting newspaper, magazine and 
television media) and inform us if you were successful in 
reaching those departed spirits. 

Your prompt reply would be greatly appreciated. 

Personal Manager 

P.S. The contents of this letter I 
should remain a secret until 
a public announcement is made 
at a mid-October press con- 
■ ference here. 

841 Parrott Dr. • San Mateo, CA 94402 • U.S.A. • Telephone (415) 342-3379 


CREEK LOCKS ROAD ■ EDDYVILLE.N.Y. 12426 - PHONE 914-338-7296 

Norman Bigelow, i, * -.o-ryi 

80 Arlington St., December 4, 1974 

Jitchburg, Mas^. 

Deal- Norman: 

It was a pleasure indeed to receive your recent 
letter and the accompanying material. I have heard good re- 
ports regarding your escape work, so I was not surprised to 
learn oi your urge to perpetuate HoudinS's name by pattern- 
ing your ownjcareer along the lines of his own. 

As you probably know, Houdini's brother, Hardeen, 
continued with the magic show for nsarly twenty years and for 
a few seasons did the overboard box escape regularly at Atlantic 
City during the summer. Even in later years, he continued Jo 
do the milk can escape anc performed it in his last show, at 
the age of 69, shortly before he went to the hospital for a 
scheiiuled operation. 

By then, I was closely associated with Hardeen in 
the publication of Conjuror's Magazine; and I was with him at 
, the hospital, :^st as he had been with Houdini, years before. He 
wanted me to CBime back and work on personal recollecxions of Hbu- 
dini, as told by his brother, which I agreed to do. But unfortun- 
ately, he failed to recover from the operation, so I was perhaps 
the last man to talk with the last man who talked with Houdini. 

One man who shares your sentiments regarding the 
spirit of Houdini is Melville Cane, who was a law partner of 
Houdini's attorney, Bernard Ernst. Mr. Cane is still active at 
the age of 95 and a few years after Houdtmi' s death, he wrote a 
magnificnt poem which expresses how he, ana'others close to Hou- 
dini, felt after Houdini's passing. I am enclosing a copy. 

I 3ust talked to Sidney Radner in Holyoke and he said ' 
that he would be glad to hear from you and have you stop by. He has 

Me. J*&& SUfeman 
166 Bar]»nd St 
C&Ebrldge, Hbsi. 
3e?teaber 2, 1976 

Br. Neraar Blselow 
80 Arlington St. 
Pitchers, H&ss. 

Dfttr Xr. Bi^l*H, 

I BE a writer and ]&ot*gr&pher for a Boston nexspaper 
and aii presently woriciBg CB a f oature story on Headinl. 
Ky great nmt Is Sophia &>senblatt nhs was xitli loudlnl, 
serTiai; as his prirate nurse the last year 9t his Hit, 

I speke iflth M Bosenthal tuo days ags and he 
raggesteS aoBtaetiBg you as he, and I ''baaglne Bsny others, 
view you as a eonteaporary Eesiinl for your profesalonal 
a3d.ll and expertise as as eacapclogist;. 

I hare tried to reach you b? j*one but have beec 
uBSBeeeasful since you changed your number. Ky desdline 
for this attary is 10 days. Bius, it is IsiperatiTe that 
ir you ehoose to help ae ead provide ssse input I hear 
froB yo'a as soon as possible* 

I am Tery aniloas to write this story ana an interriew 
Kith you eould proride a fascinating jcgle tc the feature. 

Please call se iE Caabridge at 54?-B2l8, 


Jean Sllrerasn 

Volune 52, September, 1988 S2.50 in U.S. S3. 50 outside U.S. 



March 3. 1869 

Norman Bigeiow 
The Escape Artist 
October Creabons 
P.O Box 0604 
Fitchburg. MA 01420 

Dear Norman: 

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you lor your 
contrrbution to my most recent netwark specal. When *ve f rst 
Oiscussed your "Ten Story Tomb Escape* lOea. I resiized that 
the combinaton o1 being trapped inside of a building set with 
eKpiosives end the visual of that buiidir>g actually coming down, 
makes tor quits a premise, lei eiorw a very real and dangerous 

Once Bgai^ ^nks tor the great idea. 


Norman Blgalow and David Copperfield 
at the Wang Center - Boston , Ma 

P.O. BOX 604 

Fitchburg's Bigelow 
periorms on televisioii 

FrrCHBUKG — NormaD Bigelow, 
Fitchljurg's famous escape artist 
performed Ms lieatb defyiag "Doors 
of Death" to an estimated 35 milliMi 
viewers worldwide <m Iilarch 1. 

Bigelow was part of an ex- 
travagant produGlion called, 
"Boimaaara Heffaella." RaffaeUa is 
Ita^-'s ''Johnny Carsor." One agent 
describes her as Johnny Carscm, 
Mary Tylor Moor, and Sbirl^- 
McLaio ill ia one and more. She is 
atso very inytklved with helping the 

This two-hour {xreseiUation of tal- 
ent was broadcast from the Silver 
Oip Studio in Queens, N.Y., and 
aii«d live in Argentina, Veoesuela, 
Brazil, Italy, Canada, and many 
otter countries in EXirope. 

Other quest ioduded singer Carly 
Siioon, master illusioidst Tom and 
ClKfty, Latin Singing sensation 
Jose Louise Rodriguez (£1 Puma), 
Jean Kennedy Smith, U.S. Sea. 
AlphonseD'Amato, R-N.Y. 

Bigelow was contacted for this 
snedal lelevisioo appearance by the 
Tibor Alexander Agency troon tieur 
York and Janet Castiel and HoA'ard 
- Levy vi Redwood Productioos from 
New Jersey. In May, Bigeloiw wiH 
give a private display of his talents 
for Che presUgioius Harvard Lasi- 
pooin, via the Jerry Fields Agency 
from Boston. 

Norman Bigelow with Carly Nimon 
at the Silver Cup Studio in 

New York City. 
Also appearing \l\ sattelite 
Stevie Wonder 

-The Massachusetts Daily- 


October 31, 19^6 

Escape artist excites crowd; 
claims Houdini was murdered 

Escape artist Norman Bigelow tries to escape 

Collegian Staff 

While two tarantulas crawled around his head, which 
was locked into a stock in a table, escape artist Normaii 
Bigelow said, "I don't know why I do this." 

Bigelow, who performed last night to a crowd of about 
800 people, began his performance with an escape in 
which an audience member handcuffed him to a table 
connected to a ramp, both layered with gunpowder. 
When the gunpowder at the end of the ramp was lit, 
Bigelow had orjy a few seconds to release himself before 
the fire raced up to ramp to explode in a ball of fire 
engulfing the table. 

Bigelow, 42, is one of a few magicians who hold the 
theory that the famous escape artist, Harry Houdini, was 
murdered and not killed accidentally. 

CoUeginn photo by Rob Skelton 

a box filled with smoke. 

Supposedly, Houdini died after internal injuries 
resulting from a blow to the stomach from a McGill 
University student who was visiting the magician in his 
dressing room. 

"Houdini was hit four times," said Bigelow, during his 
performance. "The New York Times reported that he had 
been given an injection with an experimental serum 
which no one else was ever given, but it never made the 
history books." 

Bigelow finished his act with his trademark, the "Door 
of Death." The escape artist was manacled with two 
handcuffs, ropes, chains and straps opposite another door 
with seventeen knives protruding from it. The door was 
connected to a motor which would release a spring, clos- 
ing the door after 3 minutes, 4 seconds. Bigelow rolled 
beneath the door just as it crashed shut, receiving a stan- 
ding ovation from the audience to conclude his act. 

Mario Manzini a Living Legend 

I have known Mario Manzini since I was eighteen years old. 
Mario knows everything about me before anyone does. I discuss 
many of my writings with Mario Hke this one. My old friend 
knows my real secrets and I know his. Some we will take to the 
grave with us. Manzini is one of the greatest escape artists who 
ever lived. Over many long, long years of performing his actual 
accomplishments are on par with any of our past masters of the 

In England The Great Manzini was hanging from a burning rope 
in a straight] acket which is a very lethal situation. Mario was 
swinging back and forth like a pendulum over a series of sharp 
knives. He swung back and forth and could feel the rope letting go 
and there is no other feel like it that I know of. Mario landed right 
next to the knives and broke his ankle and to me he was in fact the 
wiimer of the event. 

Can you imagine being upside down in a straight] acket over 
knives or not and hearing cords in the rope giving way? They 
snap as they break and you feel it. You realize it is going to let go 
before you can try anything to save yourself... Mario still 
performs the burning rope act and has even done it over a shark 

It has been many years for Mario and me. Mario is a nice guy 
and a rugged individual. He is a true survivor and I hope his 
interesting life ends up in a book. We have a common bond 
because we both have defied death on and off stage! 

Norman Bigelow E M 


BY ^tEL\^LLE CANf! V i: 

THE papers aaid: 
"Houdini Dead!" 
In New York, Detroit, Omaha, Los 

Racing newsboys yelled: 
''Hcmdini dead! Hoiidini dead!" 
In the subway, at the Ford plant. 
Across hotel lobbies 
Readers read, looked up, asked: 
" W hoi's this laiesi jront 
Page publicity stunt? " .'J' 
But Houdini was dead. 

How can one get away with it — 
The box-trick — 

Haw can one fool Death? . . " 

No one could fix the commiUee, 

An undertaker, chairman. 
Dead men play no tricks, '; 
Bid was he "flaying dead"? 
How could a dead magician 
Put it over a live TOorticianV 

They clamped him with manacles, i 

Shackled his ankles, 

Clapped him in a case, - f,.- ■ 

Strapped him to his placa, ;■■ . > -■ 

Locked the lid. 

He did mhnt he was bid. 

They kept the watch by day, 

Thmj vigiled him by niglit 

h\ the sputtering candlelight. 

He never left their si^ht. 

Years ago, on a midstmmer day, 

1 saw him do ike box-trick in water , 

Off Saugatuck, in Long Island Sound. 

Suddenly lie stepped out on the shore. 

Dropped /liJ robe, 

Stood, in his bathing mil-. 

Smiling, bowing, in the sun. _ 

Incredulous ones 

Peered wiihin the packing-case. 

Felt for secret panels. 

Tapped each side. 

Strangers tied him, hand and foot and torse, 
Hammered fast the top mth naib of steel. 
Roped and double-roped and lugged the 

A high derrick dipped, . - _ 
An iron Itook slipped, 
CaUght the rope. 

Pulled its dangling burden clear of land. 
Sank it in the moves. 

Then , as it rose again — a s winging m inute — 
A suimmer stroked his triumph toward . 
the hank. 

To do the box-trick in water. 
When the July sun is shining 
Is hard; 

Bvi, harder still, * . . 

On a cold November day ; 
To swim through day. ■ 

This was no mountebank, 
So .tpangled juggler 

Of rnbber-baUs and billiard cues and. 
lamps — 

They bore him from the house, ' 
They caged him in a hearse, 
(Tlie hearse was framed in glass, 
Was screwed w-iih screws of brass, 
Mtid only light could- pass.) ' 
vflcy iook him for a ride. 
Captive, chained and tied, -."j 
They set him on the ground, 
■ Cqffined, fettered, bound, 
iFhe 4ai>ip November ground; 
Be made no sound. 
. The grave was dark and deep, 
i:Tlie uKtlls were high and steep; 
' They lifted kirn and loipered him, 
,Tkey shoreled earth, a heavy heap — 
A rising heap, a dudndling hols. 
A rabbi made a prayer for his soul. 

This was and is and ever will be spirit. 

■ There is a legerdemain 

Unsensed by mortal fingers, 
A clairvoyance iht perishable brain 
Is hopeless to attain. 
There is a heart-beat of the spirit; 
No one can time it. 
I There is a blood, a muscle, of the sold. 
Lithe is the spirit and nimble ^ 
To loose the cords of the body, „ ■ ■,' 
Wiry and supple the soul - 

\ To slip the strait-jacket of the flesh. 

Out of an unbroken grave. 
Above unheeding mourners, ^ . -.■ .■ 

Before the sightless eyes of conjurors, • 
Houdini rose 

And lightly sprinted down an aisle of air 
'Aviid the relieved a7id welc<iming applause 
Of those already there, 

This is the end of my document but not the Houdini story. 

The fact that we did not know what the story was when Houdini was 
punched in 1926 until 1969 is the reason for the problem. No one wanted to 
tell us about an argument over the Bible. This is consistent with how things 
were done then. Don't talk about these things! Most people were not going 
to quote Houdini in that day. 

As I mentioned before one news paper said Houdini's last word were 
Robert Ingersoll a very famous agnostic. The following are quotes attributed 
to Robert Ingersoll. 

Robert Green Ingersoll (August 11, 1833 -July 21, 1899) 

" If a man would follow "today" the teachings of the Old Testament, he 
would be a criminal. If he would follow strictly the teachings of the New, he 
would be insane." Robert Green Ingersoll. 

"Let us put theology out of religion. Theology has always sent the worst to 
heaven, the best to hell. " Robert Green Ingersoll 

"The inspiration of the Bible depends upon the ignorance of the gentleman 
who reads it. " Robert Green Ingersoll 

"We need men with moral courage to speak and write their real thoughts, 
and to stand by their convictions, even to the very death." Robert Green 

"The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart. " 
Robert Green Ingersoll 

"It is a blessed thing that in every age some one has had the individuality 
enough and courage enough to stand by his own convictions. " 

Robert Green Ingersoll 

"The two greatest illusion shows are Church and State!" Norman Bigelow 

The End 

Thanks for many things to, Geoffrey Hansen, Mario Manzini who has a 
book that should get pubHshed. Dick Brooks & Dorothy Dietrich, John Cox, 
Dean Carnegie. Reverend William V. Rauscher, Dough Kelm, The Great 
Alexandria, Carl Bertolino, Frank Reno, Melbourne Christopher, J. H. 
Trudel, Doc. Weiss, Sophie Rosenblatt, Harry Rosenblatt, Prince Wheeler, 
Many Weltman, Bill Pratt, Robert Zarins, Janet Bigelow, Joe Fox, my 
children Norman, Linda and Sarah for all the time I was allowed to spend in 
my art, John Bushey, Cliff Gretsman, Ellie & Thomas Blacke, Sandra 
Bigelow, Tom & Debbie Cross, Don & Christine Lunetta, Jerry & Ann 
Fields, Ray Goulet, Wolflock, Clyde Mighells, Justin Jaeger, Harley 
Newman, Steve Moulett, Stuart Barell, Larry White, Reverend Willard 
Smith, Shawn Ness, Phil Moore, Dick Coffin, Abe Ford, Myra Kaye, 
Tony Spina, Fred Pittella, Steve Pittella, Mickey Sharkey, Dave Cresey, 
Irv Weiner, Aaron Smith, Walter B.Gibson, Don Hinz, Roy Holcomb and 
Kevin Menard, Escape artists Bill Shirk & Dean Gunnarson, Sandra 
Shields & John Graffeo, Jay Leslie, Kondini, Michael Griffin, Dave Cresey 
and Dan Robison. 


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